Ms Geraldine Chew, Director of Programmes (Secondary and General Paper) reflects on the English O-Level exams: 

"I am very heartened by my students' achievements in the 2019 English O-Level exams. Many worked hard to see improvements of up to 3 grades! For instance, Brian Liew joined my class in April 2019 and in 6 months, saw a boost in his English grades and confidence."

“I joined Creative Campus with a grade of B4 in English. However, under Ms Geraldine Chew’s coaching, I achieved a distinction in the O Levels. I thoroughly enjoyed her lively teaching and her care for students. She has been a tremendous help to me.”

Brian Liew

(ACS(I), O Levels 2019)

“Ms Chew has provided me with patient guidance and has gone the extra mile to ensure that I really grasped the concepts introduced in every lesson. I would like to thank her for her unwavering attentiveness and assurance that helped me improve in English significantly.”

Kimberly Lian

(Cedar Girls, O Levels 2019) scored a much deserved A1 for English.

"Having taught O-Level candidates for over 20 years, I strongly urge students who need help with the English papers to get that guidance early. Early preparation means more practice and better assurance in getting a distinction in English, thereby boosting the L1R5 score too."

Ms Geraldine Chew, Director of Programmes (Secondary and General Paper) 


This is a rare window into an essay writing lesson. The students were given 3 questions and this was the one question that no one chose because they found it difficult:

"Many receive an education, but few are educated."
Discuss with reference to situations in your society today.

English Enrichment For Secondary Levels
Our Approach

In our English enrichment classes for secondary school students, we employ effective methodologies crafted to mould students’ critical thinking, reading and writing skills.

The challenges facing secondary school students today are aplenty. Besides juggling multiple subjects, students have to be well-versed in their craft and employ suitable skills and techniques to show their understanding in their assignments and examinations.

​We incorporate key learning strategies and pedagogy into our English enrichment classes, so that students are equipped to handle exam components in a systematic manner, while learning to navigate real-world needs with English as their key weapon. Our invigorating and interactive Secondary programme allows students to study hard and study smart.


Our English enrichment for Secondary students is an interactive and engaging programme with clear benefits:
(1) incorporates the best of Language Arts Programmes from top IP and the IB syllabuses
(2) promotes critical thinking and analyses of global issues and arguments
(3) imparts clear techniques that enable students to ace their exam components
(4) ensures that students get regular practice on key exam components
(5) enforces weekly return of scripts and personalised feedback from teachers
(6) builds students' vocabulary word bank and grammar competencies
(7) enables students to express themselves clearly, both in writing and verbally

Our curriculum includes the best of the O levels, IB, and various IP programmes to challenge and inspire our students, so that they excel in school, and are exposed the various issues in the changing world.

We take a systematic approach to major themes that students will face in the demanding secondary and pre-university curricula. Besides core curriculum components like comprehension and essay writing, students learn to analyse information, think critically and express themselves convincingly and cohesively, both in written work and through verbal presentations.


* Essay Writing (Discursive, Narrative, Descriptive)
* Comprehension
* Summary
* Response and Application Questions
* Literature (Unseen Poetry/Prose)
* Exposure to Current Affairs
* Verbal Skills

Programme Details

Dates: Mondays to Sundays, ongoing
Duration: 2hrs weekly
Class Size: Maximum of 14 (plus a maximum of 2 more students on replacement)
Replacement Classes: Available on a first come, first served basis

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Sign Up!

Parents who wish to sign up their child(ren) for our secondary school classes may do so by emailing us at to indicate their interest. You could also call us at 6455 3063 or leave us a message via this form.

Registration is accepted on a rolling basis until seats are fully taken. Kindly note that confirmation is only upon full payment of fees.

The schedule for our Secondary classes can be found here.

Natalie Rodrigues At Age 14, RGS

The lessons in Creative Campus have been an enriching experience for me. Not only are they fun but also effective as they reinforce structure and planning which help in essay writings. The lessons give an opportunity for students to freely express their personal views and opinions on issues discussed in class. Usually, there would be materials given on the issues brought up in class. These add to the fun element in lessons which would engage students in an interactive way.

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