March Holiday Workshops

Speak Your Mind Workshop

* a 2-Day in-depth but engaging critical thinking and public speaking workshop 

* specifically tailored for Primary 4&5 High Ability students, and Secondary 1 to 3 students

The Benefits: What Your Child Gains from Our Holiday Workshops

   1. Exposure to important news and current affairs

   2. Learn to identify issues in arguments

   3. Learn to challenge and form opinions on issues

   4. Draft his thoughts and opinions cogently and intelligently

   5. Verbally present his viewpoints

   6. Receive comprehensive written feedback on his presentations

American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn [1930-2009] wisely said this: “Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people.”

Communication is a vital tool in our intertwining, globalised world, and English, being the most widely used language in the world, is ever more important today. Yet, Singaporeans aren’t necessarily conversant in English, despite it being our primary language of commerce and instruction.

We hope to start your child on his journey to speaking confidently, clearly and intelligently. This March holidays, Creative Campus is rolling out 2-day workshops from Primary 4 through to Secondary levels.. Speak Your Mind aims to fulfil the twin goals of critically analysing the news of today and honing presentation through public speaking.

Registration closes on Monday 9 March 2020.
New students will be required to pay a registration fee of $50.

Levels, Dates & Times

Primary 4&5
17 – 18 March 2020 
1pm - 3pm


* Critical Analysis

* Current Affairs Analysis

* Response Writing

* Presentation

* Summative Assessment and Summary of Skills and Techniques

Levels, Dates & Times

Secondary 1 to 3
16 – 17 March 2020
10am - 12pm pm

What some of our students have to say

Chow Tze Howe - Age 14, GESS

"It was not boring; very interactive."

Lee Rui Qi, Tricia - Age 14, MGS

“It was a fun, engaging and informative lesson. I feel that it has helped me to be more confident in my speeches. The teacher was also very kind and welcoming, so it helped to reduce my stress and nervousness throughout the lesson.”

Mode of Payment

Fees should be paid by Monday 9 March 2020 to confirm your child's seat in the class.

We encourage all parents to secure the seats early. All fees must be received before the start of the class. 

Hence, kindly note the following modes of payment:

Payments made 7 days or more before the first lesson

  • NETS
  • iBanking
  • PayNow
  • Cheque

Payment made 6 days or less before the first lesson 

  • NETS
  • iBanking
  • PayNow

Payment on the day of the first lesson

  • NETS only and an additional late fee surcharge of $50

Reserve Your Child's Spot Today

Call us to find out more

Mon - Fri  9.30am - 5pm  Sat 9am - 4pm

Both current students and students not enrolled in our classes are welcomed! Parents who wish to sign their child(ren) up for the workshop may do so by dropping us an email at, filling in our contact form, or calling us at 6455 3063.

Registration is accepted on a rolling basis until seats are fully taken. Kindly note that seats are only confirmed upon full payment of fees. Payment must reach us before Monday 9 March 2020 to confirm your child's seat in the class. Otherwise, the seat will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

"Yes, it's important to prepare for exams, but more crucial is the need to be nimble and adapt deftly to a dynamic world."

Geraldine Chew  //  

Founding Director of Creative Campus

Director of Programmes [Upper Primary, Secondary and General Paper]

Chief Executive Officer

Director of Teacher Instruction

"Language competency and the ability to apply theory to practice is a life skill, something that students will constantly find relevant, even long after their last class at Creative Campus."

Mrs Elizabeth Yeo  //  

Founding Director of Creative Campus

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Director of Programme [Primary Levels]