Blueprint for PSLE Success - Composition

Our pride and joy to help your child excel in the PSLE Essay

  • Suitable for P3 to P6 students
  • Tips, techniques, and strategies for writing narrative and expository essays
  • Consolidates key skills and techniques in quick bite-sized chapters
  • Model Answers with analysis and more!

Blueprint for PSLE Success - Comprehension and Language Use

Our methodical reference to help your child stay ahead of the competition

  • Suitable for P3 to P6 students
  • Core study tips and strategies for each component
  • Exercises after each component with model answers
  • A glossary to boost vocabulary and more!

Latitude: Creativity & Imagination

Latitude is a publication by Creative Campus: Learning With Latitude.

All content in this book was created by the students and teachers of Creative Campus.

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PSLE Bootcamp

An intensive 14-day programme to revise rudimentary rules.

  • Suitable for P6 students
  • Videos and Practice Papers for Paper 2 components
  • Articles, tips and information sent to your Inbox daily

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Brain Booster Critical Thinking Resource

Our Informative & Insightful resource to improve critical thinking skills

  • Suitable for P3s through to Secondary
  • Includes thought-provoking write ups, articles and discussion questions
  • Improves analytical and evaluative skills, which are crucial and fundamental steps in preparing for the demands of secondary education and beyond

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Top 5 Writing Grade Savers

Our Informative & Insightful resource will improve critical thinking skills. This e-book presents 5 important tips to improve each student's essay writing instantly.

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