English Enrichment for Secondary Levels

We cater to students in the O-Level, IP and IB tracks.

In our English enrichment classes for secondary school students, we employ effective methodologies crafted to mould students’ critical thinking, reading and writing skills.

We incorporate key learning strategies and pedagogy into our English enrichment classes, so that students are equipped to handle exam components in a systematic manner, while learning to navigate real-world needs with English as their key weapon. Our invigorating and interactive Secondary programme allows students to study hard and study smart.

Creative Campus is up-to-date with the O level English 2023 curriculum. The key changes pertain to the Visual Text and the Oral component. Read more about the new 2023 GCE’O’ Levels syllabus here.

This is a rare window into an essay writing lesson. The students were given 3 questions and this was the one question that no one chose because they found it difficult:

"Many receive an education, but few are educated."
Discuss with reference to situations in your society today.

Secondary Regular Classes

Early preparation is the key to scoring well for the exams. Our invigorating and interactive Secondary programme arm students with critical thinking skills and techniques to meet school and exam demands.

Secondary 1 Primer

Our Secondary 1 Primer will help to close the learning gap between P6 and the needs of English Language in Secondary School. Your child can then be more confident entering Secondary 1.

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Ms Geraldine Chew, Director of Programmes (Secondary and General Paper) reflects on the English O-Level exams:

"Having taught O-Level candidates for over 20 years, I strongly urge students who need help with the English papers to get that guidance early. Early preparation means more practice and better assurance in getting a distinction in English, thereby boosting the L1R5 score too."