Quick Cues: The Ultimate Guide to Enhancing PSLE Narratives

A fully updated guide that's especially for:
  • any parent or teacher who wishes to provide focused assistance to their child or student.
  • any student who already knows how to write an essay but wants to learn and apply better style and structure to their stories.
  • any student who wants a quick, integrated point of review.

Includes a FREE Bonus!

Compendium to Quick Cues: The Supplemental Guide to Enhancing PSLE Narratives

The Compendium to Quick Cues is a complementary e-publication that:
  • illustrates, using actual students' scripts, the various techniques introduced in Quick Cues.
  • provides a better imprint of how a student can incorporate the techniques on structure and style into their narrative compositions.

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Quick Cues is all about

Fast and Easy Learning

Quick Cues is an ebook which aims to consolidate, in quick bite-sized chapters, each essential skill and technique to narrative writing.

Quick Recall and Implementation

Students can pick up the building blocks needed to construct their stories to meet their primary school assessment needs.

Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

Feel empowered with cue-cards type prompts, not overwhelmed by lengthy and cumbersome textbooks.

Develop Your Child's Uniqueness

No child is the same: develop a personal narrative voice, enjoy writing and do well is exams too!

Sample 1 - A Sneak Peek Inside Quick Cues

Here's What a Parent Said About Quick Cues

It's a wonderful publication. It comes across more as a textbook or reference guide, which is very useful. The additional "summary cards" at the back of the book means that the reader can get away with something even "quicker"!

Mrs Jane Wong, a lawyer by training, now a full-time mother of 4. Her eldest took the PSLE in 2016 and scored an A*. Her second is currently in P6.

Other Benefits Your Child Will Discover:

  • No more struggling with narrative composition writing.
  • Get the fundamentals to improving structure and style in an unintimidating manner.
  • Portable concise chapters in a flip-through e-format.
  • Understand and use the styles or techniques that best suit the individual student.

Sample 2 - A Sneak Peek Inside Quick Cues

Why is This Book in an E-Format?

  • Students can upload Quick Cues into their electronic devices. This means that students can constantly refer to, revise for and improve in their writing while ‘on-the-move’.
  • The electronic format is a particularly logical one for Quick Cues since the premise of our book is to provide a cue-cards type handbook for quick reviews.
  • The education industry uses way too much paper as it is. We need to do our part for the planet, and believe that every bit counts.

About Creative Campus: Creators of Quick Cues

Creative Campus is an oasis ​for learning English, ​where youths are inspired and empowered to learn with latitude.​ ​As pioneers at the ​​Learning Lab, d​irectors, Ms Geraldine Chew and Mrs Elizabeth Yeo, have been instrumental in training the​ over 200​ teachers and developing its English curriculum.​

Creative Campus embodies ​the directors' shared vision of the ideal learning environment​--intimate, student-focussed, enriching and enlivened​. It is an ideal that has been honed over almost 20 years of collaboration.

A Word From The Directors of Creative Campus

Ms Geraldine Chew,Director of Creative Campus

"At Creative Campus, lessons and skills are never 'force fed'; rather, we personalise our time, attention and feedback to work with each child as a distinct individual, improving on the weaker areas while honing strengths--this not only develops your child's English potential, but also builds his self-esteem.

And that goes much a longer way toward his success, today and in the future.”

Mrs Elizabeth Yeo,Director of Creative Campus

"While there are basic components that have to be covered in a lesson, we introduce a wide range of thought-provoking themes for our custom-developed curriculum. It is always a joy to see children leave the room with wide smiles on their faces, and the first thing they say to their parents goes something like, “Did you know that…”

"Language competency and the ability to apply theory to practice is a life skill, something that students will constantly find relevant, even long after their last class at Creative Campus."

Quick Cues: The Ultimate Guide to Enhancing PSLE Narratives

Why Wait? Get Your Child's Quick Cues Copy

Quick Cues is an e-offering of tips and prompts to better narrative writing. It compiles some of the key writing essentials identified by the directors through their decades of teaching experience and curriculum development.

We hope it assists the student storyteller in cultivating a love for and ease to writing narratives.

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