PSLE 2020 English Paper 1: A Post-Mortem

The PSLE 2020 is finally done and dusted. We are pleased that our graduating cohort has attempted similar scenarios on separate themes, and that they have been equipped with the know-how to handle this essay question. We are excited to share the following information with you, curated from several of our students and other sources. 

While this serves as a checkpoint to how the current cohort has done, we hope to shed some light on how certain challenging questions can be overcome in the national examinations.

The following is the essay questions from the 2020 PSLE English Paper 1:

Write a composition of at least 150 words about something that was lost. The pictures are provided to help you think about the topic. Your composition should be based on one or more of these pictures. Consider the following points when you plan your composition.

  • What was lost?
  • Who lost it?
  • How did it end?
  • What were the lessons learnt?

You may use the points in any order and include other relevant points as well. [* The three pictures given include a mobile phone on a bench; a boy at an information counter; and a poster of a missing cat.]

At Creative Campus, we want our students to get first-hand information about the PSLE English Paper 1 which took place on Thursday, 1 October 2020. 

Delving deeper and handling the essay with a better perspective is what differentiates an average student from the crème de la crème. Students should inject scene and emotion descriptors; address the problem and solution that arise from the plot; and showcase their personal voice with unique metaphors, imagery and tone.

The focus on techniques, rather than staid model essays, will gear them to attempt any topic with ease, and in the process, stand out from their peers.

Free PSLE 2020 Sample Worksheets

On the week after the PSLE, students at Creative Campus were taught how to handle the PSLE 2020 question effectively.

We have prepared a simulation of the essay question, based on the feedback from several of our students and other sources.

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