Secondary 1 Primer

English Enrichment for Graduating Primary 6 students

2019 Registration is NOW OPEN

Our Approach

At Creative Campus, we believe in empowering your child in the various stages of his academic journey. Based on parental feedback over the years, the Primary 6 cohort is often at a loss of what to expect for the new academic year. Our Secondary 1 Primer will help to close the learning gap between P6 and the needs of English Language in Secondary School. Your child can then be more confident entering Secondary 1.

Students will undergo an 8-week Primer, after which they graduate on to the regular Secondary 1 classes.


The Secondary 1 Primer is a fun and engaging course, where students learn:

(1) to tackle the core components curated from the Integrated Programme (IP), the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the GCE 'O' Level syllabi;
(2) to close the learning gap between P6 and the needs of English Language in Secondary School; and
(3) to be more confident entering Secondary 1 in the new year

English enrichment is best learnt without the pressures of school; students can learn in a safe and secure group setting, voice their opinions and respond convincingly and cohesively. It is with this that students can become confident readers and writers of the English language as they prepare to enter Secondary School.


Your child will be prepared for his/her next milestone and be confident to handle more demanding components in their study of the English language. The rigorous syllabus includes, but is not limited to, the following:

* Literary Appreciation of Unseen Poetry and Prose
* Introduction to Discursive and Expository Essays
* Introduction to Response, Reflective and Opinion Writing
* Summary Writing Techniques
* Handling a breadth of Comprehension Questions
* Transformation of Text Types
* Verbal Communication Skills
* Introduction to Media Analysis

Programme Details

Dates: 21 October to 15 December 2019
Duration: 2hrs weekly
Class Size: maximum of 12 students (plus a maximum of 2 more students on replacement)
Replacement Classes: Available on a first come, first served basis

Classes Available:
* Tuesday 7pm, Ms Mandy Ho

* Friday 3pm, Ms Germaine Lee

* Friday 5pm, Mrs Elizabeth Yeo

* Saturday 10am, Ms Mandy Ho


Staggered lessons will be offered to accommodate your travel plans for the Secondary 1 Primer. As there are many time slots available for replacement classes*, it is even possible to complete the entire Secondary 1 Primer in two weeks.
Do call us at 6455 3063 for more details.

* Requests for replacement classes will depend on availability

Early Bird Promotion

NEW STUDENTS who pay for both Secondary 1 Primer and Secondary 1 Term 1-2019 before Saturday 11 August 2019 will enjoy $100 off Term 1-2020 fees.

Sign Up!

Parents who wish to sign up their child(ren) for the S1 Primer Programme may do so by emailing us at to indicate their interest.

You could also call us at 6455 3063 or leave us a message via this form.

Registration is accepted on a rolling basis until seats are fully taken. Kindly note that confirmation is only upon full payment of fees.

Our curriculum includes the best of the O levels, IB, and various IP programmes to challenge and inspire our students, so that they excel in school, and are exposed the various issues in the changing world.

We take a systematic approach to major themes that students will face in the demanding secondary and pre-university curricula. Besides core curriculum components like comprehension and essay writing, students learn to analyse information, think critically and express themselves convincingly and cohesively, both in written work and through verbal presentations.


* Essay Writing (Discursive, Narrative, Descriptive)
* Comprehension
* Summary
* Response and Application Questions
* Literature (Unseen Poetry/Prose)
* Exposure to Current Affairs
* Verbal Skills