Primary 1 Primer

English Enrichment For Graduating K2 students

2023 Registration is NOW OPEN

Creative Campus is happy to announce our classes for Pre-Primary 1 students. We are currently accepting applications for the Primary 1 Primer commencing on the week of Monday, 1 August 2022 .

Is Your Child Ready for Primary 1?

Your child can read, but can his ideas be translated into writing? Beyond reading skills, some schools expect their Primary 1 students to write in full sentences. At Creative Campus, learning can be fun. Our in-house curriculum will help to

  • shape your child's vocabulary and ideas
  • encourage a love for reading
  • develop independent thinkers: receive, evaluate and develop critical thinking skills
  • build a strong foundation in grammar, which can help your child comprehend instructions better
  •  encourage your child to apply the knowledge in other subjects

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment

Prior to the course, our Director will conduct a personalised Diagnostic Assessment of your child. This assessment covers your child's: 

  • Reading age
  • Comprehension age
  • Vocabulary age
  • Writing ability
  • Oral ability

The Diagnostic Assessment will take about 30 minutes. Parents will be given a post-mortem of the assessment, with a copy of the report. The Diagnostic Assessment (worth $150 ) is FREE upon enrolment.

The Curriculum

This is an introductory programme to the Primary 1 syllabus. It aims expose the little ones to core English components in an exciting but non-intimidating manner. Students will be taught to analyse information, think critically, and respond convincingly and cohesively, both in written work and through verbal presentations.

During the term, students will be exposed to various techniques required of them in the new year. These include: 

  • Composition Writing and Letter Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Cloze Passages
  • Word Order
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Verbal Presentation, including Show and Tell

Here is a sneak peek at a sample of our curriculum:

Programme Details

Start Period: Once weekly from week of Monday 1/8/22
Number of Lessons: 20

The lessons ensure that students are not only familiar with the various components introduced in Primary 1, but also well-versed in the techniques to handle them. Sufficient practice is given, but as lesson are conducted in a fun manner, the child will not feel overwhelmed. The maximum headcount in a class will be 8 students (plus a maximum of 2 more students on replacement. This is to ensure that each child receives 1-1 personalised attention from the teacher.

Duration: 1.5hrs
Closing Date for Registration: Saturday, 23/7/22

P1 Primer Time Slot

Thursday, 4pm

Friday, 5pm

Saturday, 10am

Sunday, 12pm


Ms Yvonne Han

Ms Germaine Lee

Miss Claudie Tan

Miss Claudie Tan

Regular P1 - 2023

Thursday, 4pm

Friday, 5pm

Saturday, 10am

Sunday, 12pm

For more information about our teachers, please visit this page

Need Assistance? Contact us via the following

Mon - Fri 11am - 5:30pm  

Sat 9:30am - 4pm

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Enrolment Procedures

1. Submit the First Contact Form on our website.

2. Submit a recent piece of independent work. Scripts will be screened by the teacher in order to ensure that your child is enrolled in a class which best caters to his/her profile. Allocation of classes depends on the demand of each class and the profiles of the students. 

3.Should your child be unable to attend any of the lessons, the teacher will go through the worksheets with relevant notes so that he/she can can complete the work at home without parental assistance.

4. In order for your child to maximise his/her potential in this enrichment programme, your child should: 
a. Understand written and spoken instructions in English
b. Read and write simple sentences in English

5. Schedule a timing for the Diagnostic Assessment.

 Early Bird Incentive *

Enrol and pay in full for the P1 Primer programme before Saturday, 2/7/22 and enjoy a $350 discount which includes:

  • a $150 discount off the P1 Primer fees
  • a goodie bag worth $20
  • a $30 discount (promo code)
  • a Diagnostic Assessment by our Director worth $150

Our usual Terms and Conditions apply.

We also have other Primary 1 classes slated to open in 2023, subject to demand.
Please enquire at our front desk or call our mainline at 6455 3063 for details.
We look forward to welcoming your child!

Our English enrichment for primary levels through to the PSLE go beyond the current syllabus requirements from the Ministry of Education. Besides covering core examination components, we also believe in enriching a student’s learning experience. This is done through a rigorously developed curriculum that incorporates current affairs and literary sources.

Creative Campus believes in personalised coaching in a group setting, where students benefit from interaction with their peers and teachers guide with incisive, customised feedback. We aim to empower students with tools and strategies to excel in exams and in life.