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Introduce your child to the beauty of the English language beyond connecting words and sentences. Learn the joys of reading, writing and speaking the fun way .

We are currently accepting applications for the Primary 1 Primer commencing on the week of Monday 21/9/20

The Curriculum

This is an introductory programme to the Primary 1 syllabus. It aims expose the little ones to core English components in an exciting but non-intimidating manner.

Since language is honed and refined through time, it is important to have an early start  by developing a strong command in English. This programme benefits your child in the following ways:

  • shapes your child's vocabulary and ideas 
  • encourages a love for reading
  • develops independent thinkers: receive, evaluate and develop critical thinking skills
  • builds a strong foundation in grammar
  • encourages your child's interests and curiosity

During the term, students will be exposed to various techniques required of them in the new year. These include: 

  • Composition Writing and Letter Writing 
  • Comprehension
  • Cloze Passagers
  • Word Order
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Verbal Presentation, including Show and Tell

Here is a sneak peek at a sample of our curriculum:

Click to view the sample

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment 

Included in the Early Bird Incentive ( Worth $150)

Prior to the course, our Director will conduct a personalised Diagnostic Assessment of your child. This assessment covers your child's: 

  • Reading age 
  • Comprehension age
  • Vocabulary age
  • Writing ability
  • Oral ability

The Diagnostic Assessment will take about 30 minutes. Parents will be given a post-mortem of the assessment, with a copy of the report. The Diagnostic Assessment (worth $150 ) is FREE upon enrolment.

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For full details on our P1 Primer classes and other queries, kindly click to call the number below

Programme Details

Start Period: Once weekly from week of Monday 21/9/20
Number of Lessons: 15
As our classes are small, seats are extremely limited. 

The lessons ensure that students are not only familiar with the various components introduced in Primary 1, but also well-versed in the techniques to handle them. Sufficient practice is given, but as lesson are conducted in a fun manner, the child will not feel overwhelmed. The maximum headcount in a class will be 6 students (plus a maximum of 2 more students on replacement). This is to ensure that each child receives 1-1 personalised attention from the teacher.

Duration: 1.5hrs
Closing Date for Registration: Saturday, 12/9/20

P1 Primer Time Slot    * all classes will continue into P1 at the same timing in 2021

  • Wednesday, 5pm
  • Friday, 3pm
  • Saturday, 12pm
  • Sunday, 10am

Enrol before Saturday, 22/8/20 and enjoy discounts* which include:

  • a Diagnostic Assessment by our Director worth $150
  • a Registration Fee Waiver worth $50

*Only upon full payment of programme fees

For full details on our P1 Primer classes and other queries, kindly click to call the number below