Primer Classes

In our experience, there are certain levels of schooling that present some teething problems to students. This is mainly due to the breadth of curriculum, an increased number of new components and heightened expectations.

Creative Campus has thus created our Primer classes in particular, for Pre-Primary 1 and Pre-Secondary 1, to ease students into the 'next level up'. The programmes are meant to be highly interactive and engaging, with a healthy balance of work and enjoyment. 

  • Emphasis on Critical Thinking Skills and English as a Life Skill by focussing on school components, as well as English competencies beyond school exam needs.
  • Small Classes with a Healthy Teacher-Student Ratio
    so each child’s strengths and weaknesses are addressed personally.
  • Rigorous and Engaging Curriculum Developed In-House through the directors' extensive experience writing English enrichment curriculum across all academic levels.
  • Expertise of a Dedicated Team of Teachers with rich experience, passion for teaching and expansive knowledge of the English Language.

Select the Relevant Levels To Learn More About How Our Classes Are Conducted

Our regular classes cover the current syllabus requirements from the Ministry of Education. Our self-developed curriculum is pitched at the academic level of top-ranking schools in Singapore.
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We incorporate key learning strategies and pedagogy into our English enrichment classes, so that students are equipped to handle exam components in a systematic manner, while learning to navigate real-world needs with English as their key weaponClick to see more

Our GP enrichment classes cover the current syllabus requirements from the Ministry of Education with self-developed curriculum pitched at the academic level of top-ranking schools in Singapore. Click to see more

4 Key Tenets to Acing GP

* Personalised Feedback
* Stimulating Discussions
* Wide Scope of Topics
* Focused Time-trials

Learn more about our GP classes from our ex-student, Chua Su Ann