P1 Primer Programme

Equip Your Child with Knowledge and Confidence for their New Environment

Our Approach

This is an introduction programme to the Primary 1 syllabus. It aims to mentally prepare the little ones and equip them with the knowledge necessary for an enjoyable and positive start in their new environment. During the term, students will be exposed to various techniques.

Lessons Your Child Will Receive Include:

  • Composition Writing and Letter Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Cloze Passages
  • Word Order
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Verbal Presentation, including Show and Tell

The programme will include a pop-up book project at the end of the term. Students will

  • acquire an interest in writing and creating stories
  • develop story ideas and concretise them in an actual published book  they can call their own
  • nurture self-confidence in the English Language

Mock assessments are included in the curriculum to evaluate each student's comprehension, spelling abilities, as well as general progress.

Our English Primary 1 Primer is a fun literacy programme with clear benefits:

  • Prepare K2 students for the rigour of the Primary 1 syllabus
  • Nurture students' love for the language
  • Hone students' ability to think critically
  • Build students' vocabulary word bank
  • Enable students to express themselves clearly and confidently, both in writing and verbally

Our Programme has been well received by many over the years. Students learn the nuances of the language in a safe and comfortable group setting, and learn to express themselves in a group setting. All these can be achieved so that students become confident readers and speakers of the English language before the Primary 1 academic year commences.

Our Philosophy

Our belief is that children should be empowered with tools and strategies to excel in today’s world of escalating expectations. Yet, learning should be a joy, and children should always be inculcated with self-belief, and pride in execution and quality of work.

Creative Campus was founded as an oasis where youths are inspired and empowered to learn with latitude. This is done through:

Emphasis on Critical Thinking and English as a Life Skill

While we focus on the various school components, we equip students with English competencies beyond school exam needs.

Small Classes with a Healthy Teacher-Student Ratio

Where each child’s strengths and weaknesses are addressed personally, because no child is a faceless digit

Rigorous and Engaging In-House Curriculum 

Through the expertise of the directors who have each written and supervised English curriculum across all academic levels, and headed the English curriculum department at The Learning Lab since its inception till their departure in 2011

Programme Teacher​

Ms Cleonice Lee

BA (Business Administration), University of Wisconsin-Madison

Over 6 years teaching experience

Teacher Associate

Key area of expertise: Pre-Primary and Primary levels

" I look forward to nurturing the love for reading in the little ones; spurring confidence in them to express and develop their personal style; and engaging their creativity in the language.” ~ Cleonice Lee, 2017

  • Programme Details
  • ENROLLMENT procedures
  • time slot

Start Period: Once weekly from week of 31/7/17

Number of Lessons: 20

Duration: 1.5hrs

Time Slots Available: Monday 5pm / Friday 3.15pm

Closing Date for Registration: Saturday, 29/7/17

The maximum headcount in a class will be 8 students (plus a maximum of 2 more students on replacement).

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P1 Primer Programme

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