A Review on the Cloze Passage Component

In the recent examination, our teachers found that the students fail to realise the importance of clues in the Comprehension Cloze component. They either did not source for clues, or when they did, failed to identify the accurate sources.

In the Comprehension Cloze component, the words tested are often those that students are expected to know; and can be traced in the content and context provided in the passage.

The following aspects are key:

Understanding the passage

Read the passage more than once. This will help the student to be more mindful of the context of the passage.

Filling in the blanks

Actively use sourcing techniques to nail down the most suitable word to use. For example, use the process of elimination for tricky questions. Do read the passage again after the blanks are filled in to check.

Read widely

Most Comprehension Cloze passages touch on general topics and so, students should be aware of the vocabulary specific to these topics. Since there is no shortcut to reading, do start early, and the mid or year end break is a good time to consolidate vocabulary.

In the months leading up to the next exams, have more time trials, and post-paper analysis. Revise the pointers on exam techniques and look out for patterns in the type of answers that are usually expected in the exams. Good luck!

Ms Germaine Lee

Senior Teacher: Creative Campus Learning with Latitude

Mrs Elizabeth Yeo

Director: Creative Campus Learning with Latitude

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