Parts of Speech

A noun is a part of speech that refers to a person, place or an object. A verb is a part of speech that indicates action. Usually, students do not get confused between the two, but there are some notable exceptions.

Take a look at the pairs of words below:

The Problem

It is easy to be confused between the pairs, but generally, the noun forms end in –ice and the verb forms end is –ise. “Relief” and “Belief” are nouns, while their –eve counterparts are verbs.

The Solution

  • I advised (verb) him to speak to the teacher, but he did not take my advice (noun).
  • He said he went to practise (verb), but no one saw him at the practice (noun).
  • This ointment is supposed to provide relief (noun), but it did not relieve (verb) my pain.
  • It is my firm belief (noun) that people who believe (verb) in unicorns are silly.