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Conducted by our experienced gurus, our lessons are meant to be a bit of a stretch. The enrichment lessons help students lay a firm English foundation.

English enrichment can happen even at a young age: students can learn in a fun, safe and secure group setting, voice their opinions and respond convincingly and cohesively. It is with this that students can become confident readers and writers of the English language, even before they are formally assessed in Primary school.

Why Choose Creative Campus?

Our in-house curriculum is fun, engaging and enjoyable.

Our English enrichment for Primary 1 and 2 students aims to: 

  • introduce current affairs and media studies
  • nurture and promote independent reading
  • guide students on how to compose an organised and personalised essay
  • build each student's vocabulary word bank
  • build each student's a strong grammar foundation
  • hone each student's spelling ability
  • assist the mastery of relevant skills and techniques to excel in the school assessments
  • enable students to express themselves clearly, both in writing and verbally

The teacher-student ratio is intentionally kept small, so that there is time for both class interaction and 1-to-1 coaching with individual students. 

With a small class size, each child’s strengths and weaknesses are addressed personally.

We have had many parents who came over to Creative Campus not only because of our curriculum but also confident that their children will be in good hands.

Conducted by our experienced gurus, our lessons are meant to be a bit of a stretch. The enrichment lessons help students lay a firm English foundation.

Through our years of experience, students who come to us in the early years of Primary school tend to be better at grasping difficult or abstract concepts, even in other subjects like Mathematics and Science, when they move up the levels. Hence, a firm foundation in the English language is essential in avoiding stress later in the academic years ahead.

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 Ms Geraldine Chew 


Experts in early childhood development often highlight the period up to 8 years of age as critical for cognitive development. It is during this period that the brain is most pliant and responsive to information. So, we want to ensure that the child acquires the right knowledge and information during these formative years. The English language is so important that a strong foundation--in terms of grammar, syntax and verbal skills etc.--stands a child in good stead for all his other learning needs. That's why we firmly believe in starting a child early when it comes to developing good learning habits and foundational needs.

New Students Get $30 Off Fees


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