Your child can learn in safe, comfortable environments with online and in-person classes.

In-Person Classes Resume on Monday 21 June 2021 but Online Options Remain 

Creative Campus resumes in-person classes from 21 June 2021. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our priorities have been unwavering: the quality of lessons, your child's learning experience, and our promise to always put him first.

In this vein, we will continue to conduct classes that ensure your child’s enjoyment, engagement and education.
It is for this reason that Creative Campus has decided, moving into the foreseeable future, that we will offer hybrid in-person and online options to all students.

Creative Campus includes the flexibility of online and in-person classes

The seamless transition between two mediums means that we still offer our students the full interactive experience. 

The lessons your child receives online will be equivalent to the classroom standard because 


we do not cut corners

By using reliable online tools and platforms, students still get the full 2-hour lesson at their original class time and day, with their regular teacher.


we keep classes small

The teacher-student ratio per online class remains the same. This enables us to maximise interaction with the students and ensure that all are paying attention.


we remain prompt with feedback

We have implemented a system for students to hand in their assignments promptly. Marked scripts are returned with the usual in-depth feedback, be it written or during personal 1:1 consultation sessions. 


our teachers are amazing

Highly committed and experienced, the academic team is supportive of one another, so no one is shaken by the move.

Why Online Classes can be a Better Option for your Child

Parents informed us of the following reasons for establishing our new standard of offering students the opportunity to take online courses when they wish to do so


Time and Safety

You and your child can save on the commute to and from class. For those taking public transportation, you need not take the unnecessary risk of being exposed to crowds and various unknowns. 


The Comfort of Not Masking Up

Masking up for an enrichment class, especially after a full 7 to 10-hour school day, can be debilitating. Taking classes online and from the comfort of home allows your child some semblance of comfort and relief from social distancing restrictions.



We understand that everyone has ‘off’ days, when the idea of attending a class after a hard day’s school is challenging even for the most motivated student. That’s when your child can take up the option of heading home, having a shower and meal, and then attending his English class with his teacher and classmates online.

Students are, of course, welcome to attend classes in-person where safe distancing measures will be adhered to by all teachers, staff and students.

 Safe Distancing Measures

(A) Classes

As we return to our physical classrooms, Creative Campus will abide by the mandates and advisories provided by the government, especially to minimise cross contamination among students.

(B) Front Desk Services

To safeguard our students and manage the number of daily visitors, all front desk services at the premises will only be carried out with prior appointment. Hence, when we reopen, we will no longer entertain walk-in enquiries. However, we remain fully committed in assisting you via our mainline, email and/or Whatsapp messaging services.


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Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, reminded us that the only constant in life is change. A new norm awaits us and we will all learn to adapt. Importantly, we have our core values and principles to guide us; at Creative Campus, these remain unchanged. 

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