Our Academic Team

Our Dedicated Team of Experienced Teachers

bring their rich experience, passion for teaching and expansive knowledge of the English Language to Creative Campus.

Our stellar academic team boasts particular expertise in:

  • curriculum development
  • dynamic lesson-delivery 
  • establishing strong rapport with students
  • nurturing the love for learning

That over 95% of our students come from referrals is testament to the strength of our academic team, all of whom hail from prestigious universities. Our directors have at least 25 years of teaching experience each, and our senior teachers, at least 10. Our academic staff have impressed both parents and students such that they have also gone on to spread the word to their friends. Most of our students stay with Campus for 5 to 8 years. We have been blessed to walk with students through their various academic milestones.

Meet Our Teachers

At Creative Campus, we take pride in working with a small but highly experienced team of teachers.
Quality teaching and lesson delivery is something we never compromise on.

Levels (Primary, Lower Secondary)

Ms Germaine Lee

*  LLB, National University of Singapore
*  Specialist Teacher and Curriculum Developer
*  Over 23 years of teaching experience
*  Primary and Lower Secondary Levels

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More about Ms Lee

Ms Lee is no stranger to Creative Campus, having taught our Primary 6 students in 2011. She is a respected and valued colleague of our directors for over a decade at The Learning Lab.

Having found her niche and passion in teaching after her stint as a lawyer, Ms Lee’s students love her for her nurturing ways and wonderful creative energy. She has a wealth of experience in teaching and curriculum development, including the Gifted Education Programme and the Integrated Programmes.

"At thirteen, I fell in love when I attended my first Literature lesson. My English teacher unlocked my mind to the beauty and the living nature of the language. I saw that words could light fires under feet, make hearts beat faster and bring tears to eyes. As a student in the Art Elective Programme then, I was thrilled that words painted pictures. At that point, English ceased to be just another school subject to ace. Later, I became a teacher because I am excited about helping students enjoy the written word as well. I believe that reading actively enables a deeper connection with our imaginations and a lively engagement with the world that we live in. It is intrinsic to nurturing a child’s creativity.

At Creative Campus, I work in a nurturing environment with colleagues who are equally passionate about English and learning. Together, we strive to inspire and empower the learning journeys of our students."

~ Germaine Lee, 2016

Levels (Primary, Secondary)

Mr Chong Jin

*  LLB, National University of Singapore
*  Senior Teacher
*  Over 15 years of teaching experience
*  Primary and Secondary Levels

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More about Mr Chong

A litigator at leading law firms, both locally and abroad, Chong Jin  returned to Singapore after 1.5 years as a legal practitioner in the UK.

With his legal background and extensive teaching experience, he brings to his classes a wealth of unique perspectives and practical knowledge. The Raffles alumni is passionate about creating an engaging and interesting learning environment for his students.

"As a student, I always loved English classes because it is the subject that I find most limitless and without boundaries. Composition writing topics grew from a simple 150-word story about a day at the beach to sharing my views on why the internet is one of the most crucial inventions ever.

I have never been shy to share my opinions, and always have the patience to learn the adventures or views of others. Now as an educator, my students learn through the teaching of core examination skills, complemented by knowledge and views, that they will be honed to express with oratorical prowess and writing finesse."

~ Chong Jin, 2017

Levels (Primary)

Ms Chua Beng Wan

*  BA (Political Science & History), National University of Singapore
*  Certificate in Oroton Gillingham for teaching dyslexic children
* Specialist teacher
*  Over 12 years of teaching experience
*  Primary Levels

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More about Ms Chua

Ms Chua's interest in teaching was ignited when, at the age of 19, she became the relief form teacher of a Primary Five class for six months before entering university. Upon graduation, however, she took up positions in staff training and development; oversaw editorials and newsletters; and wrote board papers.

With her vast experience in various enrichment programmes for both the public and private schools, Ms Chua has helped many of her charges excel under her tutelage. Her interest and passion for the language remains the driving force behind her students' stellar essays.

"When I was young, I would pore over my brother's copy of 'Speak Better, Write Better' by Reader's Digest. I had an immense interest for the English language. While enjoying various storybooks, I would marvel at how the thoughts and actions could come alive through the written word. Hence, I am confident of inculcating the same love of the language to my students.

In my classroom, I don't want to be just another face the students see standing in front of them, especially after a long day at school, prescribing model phrases and answers.

I want to provide a nurturing environment where students feel empowered to use the language, own the language and unlock the world with the same language. Thus, it is imperative that students develop a keen interest in the world around them."

~ Beng Wan, 2019


Mr Jeremy Mathew

* BA (Psychology and Criminology), Murdoch University
* CELTA, University of Cambridge
* Senior Teacher
* Over 15 years of teaching experience
* Key area of expertise: Primary, Secondary, GP levels

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More about Mr Mathew

Mr Jeremy Mathew, also known as 'Mr J' among his students, is a highly motivated and experienced teacher who has been delivering quality instruction and developing engaging curriculum for over a decade. Mr J is dedicated to fostering a positive learning environment and encourages student growth and development. He possesses excellent communication and organisational skills, as well as a passion for student success.

Mr J's tutoring approach prioritises comprehension and having a solid foundation. He breaks down complex concepts into bite-sized information, and equips his students with the necessary tools to understand the material, as well as apply it to real-world scenarios. A proponent of patience, practice, and positive reinforcement, Mr J is committed to helping his students achieve their goals using these strategies.

“As an educator, I take a motivational approach to leadership that prioritises encouragement over fear and intimidation. With strong expertise in the subject matter, I believe in fostering a patient and supportive learning environment which empowers students to build confidence, as well as believe in themselves. Teachers have to be enthusiastic and engaging to inspire their students’ love for learning. I want my students to recognise that while many may struggle with standardised testing or find studying tedious, I firmly believe that a passion for learning is essential and should always be nurtured.”

~ Jeremy Mathew, 2023

Levels (Primary)

Ms Vanessa Ong

* BA (Psychology and Political Science), University of Melbourne
* CELTA, University of Cambridge
* Senior Teacher
* Over 7 years of teaching experience
* Key area of expertise: Primary levels

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More about Ms Ong

Ms Vanessa Ong has been a nurturing and supportive teacher since her day at The Learning Lab. Her teaching journey took her around the world, from the classrooms of international schools in Thailand, to other enrichment centres in Singapore. As a mother of two, she understands the needs of both the parents as well as the little ones. Today, she continues to instil a love for the language in her students, so that they may grow to be life-long learners. 

"English is a complex language. For some, it may be a difficult subject to grasp. With so many rules and exceptions, it does take a lot of effort to become proficient. As a student, I struggled in school too: English was such a challenge to me. Although I enjoyed books and was heavily involved in Speech and Drama, I just could not excel in the written exams.
Now as a teacher, I know that with the right approach and attitude, it is possible to make the learning process both fun and productive for my students. It was only when I started teaching did I find myself enjoying English more and immersing myself in it. Full of nuances, puns, creative expressions, and idioms, these make teaching the language even more enjoyable!

My aim as a teacher is to provide a well-balanced, supportive and engaging learning environment for all my students. On top of just mastering grammar and vocabulary, the goal is to nurture life-long learners and equip them with the skills necessary to communicate meaningfully, and express themselves confidently and effectively, both inside and outside the classroom.”

~ Vanessa Ong, 2023


Ms Mandy Ho

* BA (English Language), NUS
* Senior Teacher
* Over 8 years of teaching experience
* Key area of expertise: Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary levels

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More about Ms Ho

A graduate in English Language, Miss Mandy Ho brings with her more than 3 years of teaching experience.

Linguistically proficient and articulate, Miss Ho is able to explain the nuances in the English language clearly and concisely. Her wealth of experience in tutoring both children and adults allows her to anticipate, as well as resolve, the various needs of her students. With her keen eye for detail, she is equipped with the necessary skills and techniques to effectively engage and impart her love for English to her charges.

“I have always been a reserved child who lacked confidence until I was exposed to Literature classes in secondary school. Amazed by how poetry and prose can paint the thoughts of their writers so beautifully, I decided to try writing as well. This helped me express the emotions and thoughts that I did not dare to verbally. Having the ability to express myself fully also boosted my confidence.

From then, I understood the power of language. I hope to convey this to my students and have them experience it for themselves. At Creative Campus, I hope to pique students’ interest in English. The lessons learnt will take them beyond their schooling years.”

~ Mandy Ho, 2019


Ms Claudie Tan

* BA (Psychology), University of Melbourne
* Senior Teacher
* Over 5 years of teaching experience
* Key area of expertise: Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary levels

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More about Ms Tan

Miss Claudie Tan is a welcomed addition to the Campus family. After graduating from Rosyth and St Nicholas Girls’ school, Miss Tan went on to Australia to further her studies in Psychology. A trained behavioural therapist, her gentle demeanour earns her the trust of her students and often, get them to achieve the objectives of each lesson effectively.

Miss Tan's strength lies in her ability to understand the needs of an anxious child, and being equipped with the necessary skills and techniques to effectively engage and impart her love for English to her charges.

“English has always been my strongest subject. I have loved reading and writing since a young age and have written articles for online platforms in my free time. I have a passion for teaching and believe that learning English can be fun for everyone. I hope to combine my strength and passion meaningfully and provide students with an enriching learning experience."

~ Claudie Tan, 2019


Mrs Nadia Chee

* BSc Hons (Food Technology), University of Reading, UK
* Post-grad Dip in Psychology and Counselling
* Teacher Associate

* Over 3 years of teaching experience
* Key area of expertise: Pre-Primary, and Primary levels

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More about Mrs Chee

Nadia, or more affectionately known as “Mrs Chee” to her students, is a warm and affable teacher both in and out of the classroom.

As a trained Equestrian coach of more than 5 years, her experience with young riders and her gentle but firm demeanour often has her students listening attentively in class. With a background in Psychology and Counselling, Nadia incorporates a collaborative teaching style, encouraging an active two-way communication channel with her students.

As a University of Reading (UK) alumni, her proficient and professional take on the English Language also allows her to engage her young charges effectively, equipping them with the necessary foundation to linguistic excellence.

Nadia appreciates that everyone’s learning journey is different, and  believes in nurturing each student to their fullest potential through patience and encouragement.

“I loved English lessons as a young girl, and appreciated the importance of having a firm grasp of the language as I grew older. 

A good written and spoken command of the language allows children to articulate their thoughts and feelings, understand others better, and gives them the tools to ultimately foster healthy relationships with people around them."

~ Nadia Chee (2023)


Mr Joseph Lee

*  BA (English), NTU
* Teacher Associate
* Over 3 years of teaching experience
* Key area of expertise: Primary, Secondary levels

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More about Mr Lee

Mr Joseph Lee’s love for teaching shines through his sensitivity and adaptability to various student needs. Conscientious and patient, Mr Lee ensures that his classes are held in a safe and structured environment for his students to maximise their learning.

Steeped in the intricacies of the English language, Mr Lee has the necessary skill sets and desire to empower his students in their academic success.

"The English language captured my imagination with its unique freedom and dynamism. Writing simple compositions in Primary school soon became a lifelong adventure in the creative world— from poetry to essays and even writing novels. As an educator, not only will my students be exposed to the joys of the language, but also learn core examination skills required to channel their imaginations with clarity and finesse.”

~ Joseph Lee, 2023


Ms Anne Lee

* BSc (Chemistry), NUS
* Teacher Associate
* Over 4 years of teaching experience
* Key area of expertise: Pre-Primary, and Primary

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More about Ms Lee

Miss Lee's love for the English language comes through when you sit in her lessons. She is a vibrant teacher with several years of teaching experience, both in the private and public schools. Handpicked and trained by our directors to deliver the curriculum, Miss Lee is passionate about moulding young minds.

“In my growing years, I found English challenging and difficult to understand. Reading was a chore to me, and I couldn’t comprehend difficult texts. Only when I was older did I come to appreciate the beauty of the English Language.

My experience inspired me to pursue a career dedicated to inculcating a love for English in children. I hope to make a difference through my work by exposing children to the intricacies of the language, and equipping them with the necessary skills to express themselves through it.”

~ Miss Lee, 2023


Mr Tymon Toh

* BA (Game Design), DigiPen Institute of Technology
* Key area of expertise: Primary levels

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More about Mr Toh

A creative soul at heart, Mr Tymon Toh enjoys the nuances of the English language and its ability to express a variety of emotions, ideas and thoughts. As part of his degree, the modules for English and Psychology have equipped him with the necessary skills to impart relevant knowledge and shape young minds, while connecting with their interests.

In class, Mr Toh is an engaging and spirited teacher. Specialising in the primary levels, his delivery is clear and concise.

“In my free time, I enjoy writing creatively, as well as the process of storytelling. For ideas to flow and be expressed well, it is important to understand and apply the fundamentals of English. I couldn’t have done so without my teachers. As such, I believe in the significance of educating the next generation so that they can communicate effectively and creatively.”

~ Tymon Toh, 2023

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