The new norm at Creative Campus includes the flexibility of online and in-person classes. 

The availability of two mediums enables your child to learn safely and comfortably.

Our Academic Team

Our stellar academic team boasts particular expertise in curriculum development, dynamic lesson-delivery, and establishing strong rapport with students to nurture the love for learning.

Meet Our Teachers

At Creative Campus, we take pride in working with a small but highly experienced team of teachers. Quality teaching and lesson delivery is something we never compromise on.

Our Senior Teachers and English Specialists

Ms Germaine Lee - Levels (Primary & Lower Secondary)

Mr Chong Jin - Levels (Primary, Secondary)

Ms Chua Beng Wan - Levels (Primary)

Ms Cleonice Lee - Levels (Pre-Primary, Primary)

Our Teacher Associates

Miss Mandy Ho - Levels (Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary)

Miss Claudie Tan - Levels (Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary)

Miss Fiona Teo - Levels (Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary)

Mr Ten Ting Kai - Levels (Secondary and GP)

Call us to find out more

Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5pm  Sat 9am - 4pm