The new norm at Creative Campus includes the flexibility of online and in-person classes. 

The availability of two mediums enables your child to learn in safely and comfortably.

Our Academic Team

Our stellar academic team boasts particular expertise in curriculum development, dynamic lesson-delivery, and establishing strong rapport with students to nurture the love for learning.

Meet Our Teachers

At Creative Campus, we take pride in working with a small but highly experienced team of teachers. Quality teaching and lesson delivery is something we never compromise on.

Our Senior Teachers and English Specialists

Ms Germaine Lee - Levels (Primary & Lower Secondary)

Mr Chong Jin - Levels (Primary, Secondary)

Ms Chua Beng Wan - Levels (Primary)

Ms Cleonice Lee - Levels (Pre-Primary, Primary)

Our Teacher Associates

Miss Mandy Ho - Levels (Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary)

Miss Claudie Tan - Levels (Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary)

Miss Fiona Teo - Levels (Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary)

Mr Ten Ting Kai - Levels (Secondary and GP)

Call us to find out more

Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5pm  Sat 9am - 4pm