May 2020 Online Holiday Workshops - Primary 1 to 6

Does your child have a love for language and writing? Or perhaps your child is languishing in “exam-type” compositions and would like more help? We have good news.

Creative Campus has a slew of activities planned for all Primary School students. If you are looking for enrichment activities that will give your children a decisive advantage and help them stay on top of the game, check out what we have to offer this May. 

P1 to P4 Celebrating Writing! Workshop

Students in this workshop will delve into the art of composing organised and distinct essays through fun and insightful activities. Guided by experienced gurus who are passionate about sharing our passion and knowledge, your child will learn about the essential skills and techniques needed to excel in the composition component.

P1-4 Celebrate Writing! Workshop

Components covered:

  • Story Craft
  • Creative Writing
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Character Development

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Mon - Fri  9.30am - 5pm  Sat 9am - 4pm

P5 & P6 Intensive English Boot Camp

The Intensive English Boot Camp provides a rigorous practice for both Essay Writing and Oral component. Not only will our teachers share the joys and intricacies of narrative, but we will also impart the essential skills and techniques needed to excel in these key components of the English paper. More importantly, your child will learn to develop a personal voice in essay writing.

We also have a DSA Preparatory Workshop for P6 students. Find out more here.

P5&6 Intensive English Boot Camp

Components Covered

  • Acing the Essay Writing Component
  • Critical Thinking Strategies
  • Oral Practice

Workshop Details


P1 to P4: Week of 18-24 May; please call us to enquire

P5&6: Between 15-24 May; please call us to enquire

Time: AM classes; please call us to enquire
Price: From $150 per level

An additional $50 registration fee per child applies for students not registered in our regular classes. New students enjoy a $30 PROMO code discount. 

Holiday workshops for other levels (Secondary and General Paper) are also available upon enquiry.

Registration closes on 15 May 2019.

What some of our students have to say

​​Natalie Tan - Age 9, SCGS

It made writing quite fun and I also have been quite interested in writing during the workshop.

Dan Yuet Ian - Age 11, NYPS

I like the workshop as it teaches us how to use different techniques of writing essays.

Both current and new students are welcomed!

Parents who wish to sign their child(ren) up for the workshop may do so by dropping us an email at, filling in this form, or calling us at 6455 3063.

For modes of payment, please refer to this page.

Payment must reach us before 15 May 2019 to confirm your child’s seat in the class.

Otherwise, the seat will be given to the next person on the waiting list. 

As seats are limited, do inform any parent who may also be interested in the workshop!

Ms Geraldine Chew


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Founding Director of Creative Campus

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