IB Curriculum (Year 1 to Year 6)

A vision of the holistic learner underpins our IB curriculum. To this end, we offer a programme carefully curated by our own IBO-certified educator.

Across the years, we will examine a broad range of texts according to the demands of the various IB schools, and our students will acquire an appreciation of the intricacies of language, its wealth and its subtleties over a broad spectrum of contexts.

All IB programmes value language as central to the development of critical thinking, which is deemed essential for cultivating intercultural understanding and responsible membership in local, national and global communities.

Language is integral to exploring and sustaining personal development and cultural identity, and provides an intellectual framework that supports the construction of conceptual understanding.

In Language Arts, students will interact with a range of texts, often venturing into the moral, social, economic, political, cultural and environmental domains. They will learn from this subject to grow in their abilities to form opinions, make decisions, and reason ethically—all key attributes of an IB learner.

Within our programme, we will build on formative learning such that our students will develop:

  • a personal appreciation of language and literature
  • the critical-thinking skills for a range of texts from different periods, styles, text-types and literacy forms
  • an understanding of the formal, stylistic and aesthetic qualities of texts
  • the power of expression, both written and oral
  • the ability to form opinions, make decisions, and reason ethically
  • an appreciation of cultural differences in perspective
  • an understanding of how language challenges and sustains ways of thinking.

Components covered

  • poetry
  • drama
  • non-literary bodies of work (essays, commentaries, TED talks…)
  • guided literary analysis (GLA)l
  • information management and organisation
  • writing for a variety of purposes
  • writing to persuade
  • writing to respond
  • writing to compare
  • writing to analyse
  • writing to explicate
  • stages in the writing process
  • public speaking and presentation skills (IOP, IOC, Q&A)

Our programme will not only hone in our students all the key attributes of an IB learner, but also cultivate in them a lifelong interest in language and literature.
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