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IB English A Literature

English A Literature at IB Level

IB Year 5 and 6 (2020)

Our Approach

Our IB English Literature programme is taught by our Teacher Associate, an English Language and Linguistics major, Mr Ten Ting Kai. Lessons will focus on unseen prose and poetry in Paper 1 at SL and HL levels. Paper 1 requires students to critically analyse the given text, as well as identify and explain the various literary devices engaged therein. Due to the unseen nature of Paper 1, students often struggle to attain the maximum grade.


The programme will look at a different poetry or prose each lesson where students will be taught the necessary skills and techniques to:

  • Understand, analyse, annotate the text
  • Identify and explain the literary and stylistic devices
  • Organise and structure the essay to meet the demands of the question
  • Write the essay clearly, cogently and persuasively

Students will be given ample practice and prompt, personalised feedback to hone their writing ability. This programme is not for the faint hearted. There will be rigour and work during each 2-hour lesson. 

Programme Details

Dates: Wednesdays 5pm to 7pm, commencing January 2020
Duration: 2hrs weekly
Class Size: Maximum of 14 (plus a maximum of 2 more students on replacement)

  • Term 1: 10 weeks [break 3 weeks]
  • Term 2: 16 weeks

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