Horrible Homonyms (Part 2)

Previously, we discussed homophones, which are words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and mean different things. This month, we'll be looking at homographs, which are words that are spelled in the same way, but mean different things.

For instance, the word cap could refer to a limit on something, or to a kind of hat. In the exercise below, match the homograph with the right sentences! Be careful, some sentences share the same homograph!

(a) bear, (b) minute, (c) bow, (d). fine, (e) wound

1. If you litter, you might have to pay a ______.

2. Tim is very conscientious; he takes care of even the most ______ details.

3. Hilda could not ______ to tell Joe the news of his dog passing away.

4. He ______ his clock up before going to bed.

5. After the performance, all the ballerinas took a ______.

6. "Help! A large grizzly ______ is chasing us!"

7. People often say that there is a ______ line between love and hate.

8. Charles ran to the nurse to get his ______ bandaged up.

9. "Do you have a ______ to spare? I would like to share with you what happened earlier."

10. Jenny loved wearing her bright pink ______ on her head.


1. d,   2. b,   3. a,   4. e,   5. c,   6. a,   7. d,   8. e,   9. b,   10. c

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