The new norm at Creative Campus includes the flexibility of online and in-person classes. 

The availability of two mediums enables your child to learn safely and comfortably.

General Paper

Not Your Average GP Tuition Class

Our Approach

Our GP enrichment classes cover the current syllabus requirements from the Ministry of Education with self-developed curriculum pitched at the academic level of top-ranking schools in Singapore. 

However, unlike most GP tuition classes, we do not just focus on covering core examination components. We also believe in enriching a student’s learning experience.


Our English enrichment for General Paper students is a comprehensive and intensive programme with clear benefits:
(1) weekly discussion of local and global news relevant to GP needs
(2) promotes critical thinking and analyses of global issues and arguments
(3) imparts clear techniques that enable students to ace their exam components
(4) ensures that students get regular, intensive practice on key exam components
(5) enforces weekly return of scripts and personalised feedback from teachers
(6) builds students' vocabulary word bank and grammar competencies
(7) enables students to express themselves clearly in writing to meet exam needs

Our programme will teach students how to analyse texts and respond to them in a learned manner. With the structured pedagogy in essay writing, comprehension, summary and application questions, students can be empowered to become better thinkers, readers and writers. As we strive to be more than just a GP tuition programme, we hope to gift students with critical thinking and persuasive writing skills that they can apply not only in an exam hall, but also in a wide variety of settings.

Creative Campus believes in personalised coaching in a group setting, where students learn not only from their teachers but also benefit from interaction with their peers.


* Essay Writing
* Comprehension
* Summary
* Application Question
* Exposure to Current Affairs

Programme Details

Dates: Mondays to Saturdays, ongoing
Duration: 2hrs weekly
Class size: Maximum of 14 (plus 2 more students on replacement)
Replacement classes: Available on a first come, first served basis

Sign Up!

Parents who wish to sign up their child(ren) for our General Paper classes may do so by emailing us at to indicate their interest.

You could also call our main line at 6455 3063 or leave us a message via this form.

The schedule for our General Paper classes can be found here.

Girvan Tay

When I entered Year 5 in January 2014, General Paper was, at first, a perpetual stumbling block for me academically. A far cry from the English paper we had in Year 4, GP necessitated an amalgamation of argumentative skill and general knowledge that I simply was not used to.

However, I felt that the weekly lessons at Creative Campus under the tutelage of Ms Chew were a great boon, not only owing to the fact that I had an excellent avenue to hone my argumentative and comprehension skills, but also because Ms Chew always managed to expertly weave a vast array of content matter and discussions into her lessons, allowing me to gain a greater appreciation of the socio-political situation of the world today.

Ms Chew’s personalised feedback and guidance allowed me to pinpoint my flaws and areas of weakness, thus enabling me to become a more concise and focused writer. Eventually, after pulling my GP grade up from as low as a C during my Year 6 CT1 to an A in the A levels, I am sincerely thankful towards Ms Chew and Creative Campus for helping me clearing this hurdle that is General Paper and for the numerous skills and knowledge I have accumulated here.

Raffles Institution Alumni

Applying for Medicine at NUS

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