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Junior College Student Attending General Paper (GP) Classes at Creative Campus Creative Campus is recognised as a premier destination for General Paper (GP) tuition and enrichment in Singapore. Understanding the pivotal role that this subject plays in a junior college (JC) student's academic journey, our experienced and committed teachers have refined our curriculum over the years to match the evolving demands of this critical English examination.

Specifically, our curriculum is pitched at the levels of the top ranking schools in Singapore, which challenge and inspire our students. This ensures your children receive a world-class education, enabling them to excel in school. By applying the Ministry of Education (MOE)'s syllabus at standards that's 20-30% more rigorous than the norm, we introduce essential concepts early, positioning our students ahead of the curve.

GP Tuition Singapore: From C to A in 9 Months

Girvan Tay, former student of Creative Campus.
Ms Chew’s personalised feedback and guidance allowed me to pinpoint my flaws and areas of weakness, thus enabling me to become a more concise and focused writer. Eventually, after pulling my GP grade up from as low as a C during my Year 6 CT1 to an A in the A levels, I am sincerely thankful towards Ms Chew and Creative Campus for helping me clear this hurdle that is General Paper and for the numerous skills and knowledge I have accumulated here.

GP Tuition Singapore: Why Choose Us?

74% distinctions, with 100% passes in 2022’s results

At least improvements in 2 grade points

Over 25 years of experience teaching General Paper

Our General Paper (GP) Curriculum is both designed and taught by Ms Geraldine Chew, the former English Curriculum Lead and Head Trainer at Learning Lab (1999 to 2011), and an ex-lawyer from renowned firms like Harry Elias & Partners and KhattarWong Partnership.

With over 25 years of passionate dedication to education, Ms Chew and her teaching team infuse each lesson with exceptional expertise, lively student engagement, and genuine dedication.
Ms Geraldine Chew, one of the directors of Creative Campus.
Ms Geraldine Chew
Former Lawyer at Harry Elias & Partners / Khatter Wong Partnership
Former English Curriculum Lead and Head Trainer at The Learning Lab (1999 to 2011)
Passionate Educator with over 25 years of experience
Trained over 200 English educators

What Our Students Say

Rachel Wong Si Yin, a student of Creative Campus.

“I've been a part of Creative Campus from Primary 3 to JC2. Throughout my journey, I've been privileged to learn from astoundingly talented educators who combine passion with a genuine care for the students. Their commitment transcends expectations, making Creative Campus an experience that you should genuinely consider.”

Rachel Wong Si Yin
NUS Medicine Student

Sophie Tan, a student of Creative Campus.

“As a Secondary 4 student at Creative Campus, I began my journey here in Secondary 2. Over the last one and a half years, I've witnessed significant improvements in my English. My gratitude goes out to the teachers who always ensure that our lessons are both enriching and captivating through continuous student engagement.”

Sophie Tan
Secondary 4 Student

Zheng Zhixin, a student of Creative Campus.

“From Primary 5 to JC2, I had the privilege of being under Ms. Chew's guidance at Creative Campus. Those pivotal years were incredibly formative. Every facet of her classes, from insightful news sharings to stimulating classroom material, was designed to challenge and cultivate our appreciation for literature and language. She inspired us to view the world through a broader, more critical lens. Ms. Chew's feedback was consistently sharp and enlightening, aiding me in refining the structure and articulation of my arguments.”

Zheng Zhixin
University College London, Geography
National Library Board Scholarship Recipient

Achieve GP mastery before the rest – limited slots available. Trial classes from $145.
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GP Tuition in Singapore: Benefits of our Curriculum

Techniques to Ace Each Component

Exposure to Current Affairs

Critical Evaluation of Global / Local Issues

Development of Language Competencies

Regular Practice Across Components

English and Future Success

Research shows that strong English skills go far beyond the classroom, playing a key role in university1 and career success2. Better English proficiency is not just about grammar and vocabulary; it provides a crucial stepping stone for achieving life goals.

Better English Proficiency leads to Better Success at University and One's Career.

Research shows that strong English skills go far beyond the classroom, playing a key role in university1 and career success2. Better English proficiency is not just about grammar and vocabulary; it provides a crucial stepping stone for achieving life goals.

Better English Proficiency leads to Better Success at University and One's Career.

GP Tuition Singapore: Class Schedule

Branch Day Time
Campus Orchard Thursday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Campus Orchard Saturday 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Classes are hybrid, giving our students the option to attend in person or over Zoom.

We have potential classes from Monday to Sunday that can commence with a minimum of 2 students. Please enquire with our consultants via WhatsApp for more information.

GP Tuition Singapore Price

Class Price
GP Tuition Class From $140 / 2 hour lesson
Trial Class Please enquire
Your child will also receive prompt and regular personalised feedback. Homework is also marked and returned quickly, allowing your child to learn fast.
Group of students coming together to brainstorm ideas for an assignment.

The ability to read, write, and analyze; the confidence to stand up and demand justice and equality; the qualifications and connections to get your foot in the door and take your seat at the table — all of that starts with education.

Michelle Obama

How Can I Sign Up For a GP Tuition Class?

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Creative Campus, the value of GP tuition is clear. With over 12 years of experience and proven track record, we have refined a holistic teaching approach that not only ensures academic success but also fosters critical thinking and creativity. Our small class sizes and dedicated educators make the learning experience personal, targeted, and effective.

GP can be challenging due to its emphasis on comprehensive understanding and analytical skills. However, with Creative Campus' tailored programme, expert guidance, and dynamic curriculum, students are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the exam and achieve outstanding results.

Excelling in General Paper (GP) is undoubtedly a challenge, especially given its comprehensive nature and the analytical prowess it demands. While a B or C grade might suffice for entry into many university courses, achieving the coveted A grade is where the real difficulty lies. It's worth noting that, starting from 2024, due to the latest changes in the syllabus, all students will be required to take GP, amplifying its significance and the competition. Proper preparation and strategy are key to standing out and securing top grades.

At Creative Campus, our pricing is a testament to the premium quality and depth of our approach to GP tuition. With each of our GP teachers possessing over 25 years of specialised experience, we provide a curriculum that's more than just about passing an exam.

Our expert educators are dedicated to ensuring students not only excel in GP but also acquire skills that benefit them beyond the classroom, in various facets of life. Our small class sizes allow for individualised attention, and our holistic approach ensures that learners thrive academically, while also excelling in critical thinking and creativity. We see it as an investment in a student's comprehensive growth and long-term success.