GP IP Essay Writing Classes

Boosting Students' Confidence in Essay Writing

Parents often ask about how lessons are run at Creative Campus. Here's a video snippet of how an essay writing lesson is conducted. We approach essay writing for Secondary levels and up in the same manner.

This is a rare window into a GP lesson for a class comprising predominantly J1 students. The students were given 3 questions and this was the one question that no one chose because they found it difficult:

"Many receive an education, but few are educated." Discuss with reference to situations in your society today.

Empowering students with a methodical approach to essay writing​​​​​​​​​

  • The video shows how the teacher helps the students get over the fear of an assignment by deconstructing the perceived 'tough' question.
  • One of the goals is to empower students with a structured approach to essay writing. This is done by analysing and breaking down the question. to more manageable bite sizes.
  • We also believe in the value of an interactive, lively class discussion. When steered by an experienced teacher, this can stretch the ability of each student to think more critically about a topic.

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