Essential Grammar Programme

The Essential Grammar programme aims to help students build a strong foundation in pertinent grammar skills.  Besides covering core examination components, we also believe in enriching a student’s learning experience. Students will be taught to analyse information, think critically, and respond convincingly and cohesively, both in written work and through verbal presentations.

Creative Campus believes in personalised coaching in a group setting, where students learn not only from their teachers but also benefit from interaction with their peers.  Our students are empowered with tools and strategies to excel in today's world of escalating expectations.

Our Approach

Why Enrol For The Essential Grammar Programme?

Our analysis of the PSLE over the years reveals that when an English paper is considered easy, students tend to be penalised heavily for minor mistakes. Hence, lapses in grammar, spelling and punctuation can significantly impact a student's final grade.

We want each and every one of our students to do well, and encourage students who need that extra practice to revisit the basics in early 2020.

As such, the programme reinforces the importance of English language fundamentals, especially in a national exam where every mark counts.

Key Objectives

  • Fundamentals in Grammar
  • Spelling and Punctuation
  • Syntax
  • Prepositional Phrases
  • Mastering the essentials in Paper 1 components: Essay Writing
  • Mastering the essentials in Paper 2 components: Comprehension, Cloze, Editing, Synthesis and Transformation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Visual Text

Programme Details


  • Essential Grammar 1: 10 Weeks
  • Essential Grammar 2: 6 weeks

Teacher: Ms Claudie Tan, Ms Mandy Ho, Mr Chong Jin

Call us at 6455 3063 for details and pricing.

Ms Geraldine Chew  Founding Director

Lessons are conducted in the ideal learning environment where peers interact and share ideas, while the teacher guides and inspires critical analysis and creative thinking.

Our English enrichment for primary levels through to the PSLE go beyond the current syllabus requirements from the Ministry of Education. Besides covering core examination components, we also believe in enriching a student’s learning experience. This is done through a rigorously developed curriculum that incorporates current affairs and literary sources.

Creative Campus believes in personalised coaching in a group setting, where students benefit from interaction with their peers and teachers guide with incisive, customised feedback. We aim to empower students with tools and strategies to excel in exams and in life.

Sign Up Now!

Parents who wish to sign up their child(ren) for the Essential Grammar Programme may do so by emailing us at chalk@ to indicate their interest.

You could also call us at 6455 3063 or leave us a message.

Registration is accepted on a rolling basis until seats are fully taken. Kindly note that confirmation is only upon full payment of fees.

Mrs Elizabeth Yeo  Founding Director

We believe that learning should be a joy, which is why we make sure that lessons are a good mix of interest elements and work. Ultimately, our students are inculcated with self-belief, and pride in execution and quality of work.

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