Essay Writing and Oral Class

The Essay Writing and Oral  Class (EWO) is specifically designed to help students achieve distinctions in their English Paper.

Our Approach

Our essay classes cover the current syllabus requirements from the Ministry of Education. Our self-developed curriculum is pitched at the academic level of top-ranking schools in Singapore.

Besides covering core examination components, we also believe in enriching a student’s learning experience. Students will be taught to analyse information, think critically, and respond convincingly and cohesively, both in written work and through verbal presentations.

Creative Campus believes in personalised coaching in a group setting, where students learn not only from their teachers but also benefit from interaction with their peers. Our students are empowered with tools and strategies to excel in today's world of escalating expectations.

Programme Details

Over the course of the programme, students:

  • Learn to develop coherent content and plots for PSLE compositions
  • Are equipped with the skills and techniques to write descriptively and cogently
  • Learn to derive content for more robust oral delivery
  • Learn to articulate with appropriate expression, including deploying non-verbal cues 
  • Learn to tap on their strengths while improving their weaknesses for essay writing and oral presentation
  • Cultivate their personal voice alongside a love for the language

For Level 2 and 3, students will be exposed to Situational Writing to cover the gamut of Paper 1 requirements.

Your child is assured personalise guidance and prompt feedback from highly experienced teachers.

The course will run for 3 cycles of 13 weeks each.
Classes will focus on Essay Writing, Oral Response and Practice for Paper 1 components so that students can maximise their learning with adequate breaks in between.

The classes are separate from the regular classes, so students can opt for both the regular class and the EWO class for each term.

We look forward to welcoming your child.

Ms Chua Beng Wan

Essay writing & oral level 1

Thursday 3pm - 5pm

Essay writing & oral level 2

Friday 5pm - 7pm

Ms Mandy Ho


Monday 5pm - 7pm

Wednesday 5pm - 7pm

Ms Geraldine Chew

Founding Director

Lessons are conducted in the ideal learning environment where peers interact and share ideas, while the teacher guides and inspires critical analysis and creative thinking.

Mrs Elizabeth yeo

Founding Director

We believe that learning should be a joy, which is why we make sure that lessons are a good mix of interest elements and work. Ultimately, our students are inculcated with self-belief, and pride in execution and quality of work.

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