Regular Classes That Inspire and Empower Students

Children must be empowered with crucial language, and critical thinking skills and strategies to navigate our world today. At Creative Campus, we are mindful of twinning learning with enjoyment, thereby inculcating our students with self-belief, and a strong work ethic. This is the very ethos of Creative Campus: we want to provide an oasis where youths are inspired and empowered to learn with latitude.

The benefits of our enrichment classes for primary students, as well as secondary and General Paper levels:

Our Key Focuses  For Life Long Success Beyond School

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    Emphasis on Critical Thinking Skills and English as a Life Skill by focussing on school components, as well as English competencies beyond school exam needs.
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    Small Classes with a Healthy Teacher-Student Ratio
    so each child’s strengths and weaknesses are addressed personally.
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    Rigorous and Engaging Curriculum Developed In-House through the directors' extensive experience writing English enrichment curriculum across all academic levels.
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    Expertise of a Dedicated Team of Teachers with rich experience, passion for teaching and expansive knowledge of the English Language.

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