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Enquire and Evaluate Through English Enrichment

Today, it is crucial that a student learns to enquire and evaluate. Help your child migrate from rote learning to thinking critically, and developing a better world-view. 

We have created an environment which nurtures the young enquiring mind, where we take on issues that schools might shy away from.We are able to do so because of our team of qualified teachers, who guide and mould students to think and write, independently and intelligently.

Our incisive curricula--relevant to the Primary GEP, Secondary IP and IB, and GP programmes--allow our students to learn with latitude, both in depth and breadth.

Directors' Series: Exam Focus VS Adaptability

In this clip, Ms Geraldine Chew explains the ethos behind our slogan - "Learning With Latitude". Exam preparation is a priority, but is not, in itself, our ultimate goal. Through our English Enrichment programmes, we hope to cultivate a love for learning.

We seek to expose students to a more diverse range of text types and issues than they would encounter in school. Watch as Ms Chew also delves into how we work towards these goals, primarily through a comprehensive and engaging in-house curriculum.

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Not Your Average GP Tuition Class

Our GP enrichment classes cover the current syllabus requirements from the Ministry of Education with self-developed curriculum pitched at the academic level of top-ranking schools in Singapore. 

However, unlike most GP tuition classes, we do not just focus on covering core examination components. We also believe in enriching a student’s learning experience.  Click here to learn more