Key Changes to the English GCE ‘O’ Level Syllabus from 2023

How Creative Campus can prepare your child

Creative Campus is up-to-date with the O level English 2023 curriculum. 
The key changes pertain to (1) the Visual Text and (2) the Oral component.

The Visual Text (Comparative)

  • Questions are based on two texts, with a focus on NEW questions requiring candidates to compare both texts
  • Text types reflect more realistic visual texts that students are familiar with (e.g. social media posts, website excerpts)
  • The allocation of 5 marks remains unchanged

How Creative Campus prepares students for the visual text component

As part of our programme to enrich and empower students, we have long incorporated media studies and different text-types into our curriculum. As such, students are exposed to critically analysing visual texts across topics.

We have also updated our worksheets to provide students with adequate practice.

The Oral component

  • The Reading Aloud section has been removed
  • Part 1: Planned response (15 marks)
  • Part 2: Spoken interaction (15 marks)

In the planned response component, students have to:

  1. 1
    Read a question on a computer screen
  2. 2
    Watch a video on a computer screen
  3. 3
    Prepare a response of up to 2 minutes to the question after watching the video
  4. 4
    Tell the examiner their response confidently
Note: Students are given 10 minutes preparation time in the spoken interaction component
  1. 1
    The examiner will ask students questions on a topic based on the same video
  2. 2
    Students must endeavour to have a discussion with the examiner based on those questions

How Creative Campus prepares students for the oral text component

Exposure to general knowledge, crafting opinions and articulation of ideas have always been integral to our English enrichment programme across our Secondary levels. 

We have also focussed our students keenly on expository and argumentative essays from a very young age. As such, our students learn to craft intelligent and structured responses with confidence, and have the opportunity to share them in writing and spoken, in each lesson. 

Creative Campus also curates, on a weekly basis, a list of news links which teens ought to know, and these are available to our students through our resource portal.

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