A tried and tested system that focuses on customised feedback, aimed at developing each student's progress:  

1) Obligation-Free Indicative Quiz

2) Personalised Progress Report (Upon Enrolment) 

Our Belief

Because we believe that English proficiency is a crucial life skill, our lessons are committed to challenge and stretch students to confidently analyse information, think critically, and respond convincingly and cohesively both verbally and in writing.

That is why we dedicate key segments of each lesson to news and current affairs and incorporate principal components of the Gifted Education Programme [GEP], top Integrated Programmes [IP] and the International Baccalaureate [IB] into our syllabi. This includes literature and the analysis of prose and poetry, media studies and various reactions and opinion-based writing.


Why Take Our Obligation-Free Indicative Quiz? 

The Indicative Quiz (IQ) is a barometer that allows our directors to ascertain the current proficiency of each child. With a better picture of the child's strengths and weaknesses, the directors can then recommend a suitable class that is best for his academic profile. 

The IQ also allows the class teacher to understand how to help each child improve from the get-go, since his English proficiencies have been addressed.

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Why Is The Progress Report Necessary?
(Upon Enrolment) 

If you decide to enrol your child with Creative Campus, parents are kept updated on their child's progress via our biannual report card.

The biannual report card is our way of keeping parents updated. It offers an in-depth analysis of each child's performance in every examinable component. Often, the teacher will make recommendations on how to improve in the respective areas, and what to look out for in the upcoming exams. Many parents have found the report cards a useful tool that consolidates key points for effective revision.

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Bryan is Creative Campus' very experienced administrative executive who will help reserve your child's spot for the free quiz as well as answer any queries you may have on our programmes.

  • All quiz are accessed by directors and feedback will be provided within 3 working days


How are our classes different from other big-name English enrichment centres?

Our directors were very much involved in the training of teachers and curriculum development at a previous elite enrichment centre. In fact, Ms Geraldine Chew was spearheading the training of the teachers and Mrs Elizabeth Yeo was heading the curriculum development team.

The directors have drawn from their rich experience to refine teaching methods at Creative Campus.

The curriculum at Creative Campus is also developed in-house by a very experienced team of writers and teachers, and deals with many global issues and popular themes.


How are classes conducted at Creative Campus?

*  Students are exposed to current affairs weekly. The curated topics boost their general knowledge and give them information to use in school exams.

At Creative Campus, we focus on imparting skills and techniques in each lesson. 

For example:

1) In the composition component for primary levels, students will brainstorm ideas to derive an interesting plot within an allocated time frame. It is imperative that students answer the question in their essays.

2) As the plot unfolds, students are exposed to the various skills and techniques to enhance the descriptive elements in their essays and keep the reader interested. Short grammar or vocabulary exercises are introduced for students to retain, internalise, and apply what they have learnt. 

3) Students will write the full essay in class, and be given the opportunity to explore the exposition genre.

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Ms Geraldine Chew  //  Director

"At Creative Campus, we understand and celebrate the fact that every child has his strengths and uniqueness. We make the effort to treat each child as an individual and not a mere face in the crowd, working with, rather than against, each student's unique traits.

We personalise our time, attention and feedback to work with each child as a distinct individual, improving on the weaker areas while honing strengths--this not only develops your child's English potential, but also builds his self-esteem."

Mrs Elizabeth Yeo  //  Director

"Students at Creative Campus are exposed to current affairs every week. Our teachers encourage their charges to relate a plethora of topics to real-life issues, even from as young as Primary 1. We believe students should always question assumptions, and develop clarity of thought that is clear and coherent. These are done in the safe confines of a group setting, where they can also bounce ideas off their peers, and come to their own well-formulated, substantiated and concrete conclusions.

Language competency and the ability to apply theory to practice is a life skill, something that students will constantly find relevant, even long after their last class at Creative Campus."

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