English Enrichment for K1 and K2

Our Approach

While there are many enrichment centres that claim to cater to the needs of kindergarten students, Creative Campus focuses on engaging students in a fun and conducive environment. Our in-house curriculum is curated from various established sources.

K1 students will undergo a 50-week reading programme, after which they graduate on to K2 the following year.

K2 students will undergo a 30-week reading programme, after which they graduate on to a 20-week Primary 1 Primer Programme.


Our English enrichment for K1 and K2 students is a fun literacy programme with clear benefits: 
(1) nurture a love for reading
(2) promote independent reading
(3) hone each student's spelling ability
(4) build each student's vocabulary word bank
(5) enable students to express themselves clearly, both in writing and verbally

While K1 students will be enriched with a plethora of books to nurture their love for reading, they will also be guided to improve on their reading and comprehension proficiencies. As they move on to the K2 programme, students will be gradually introduced to the components that are expected of them in the primary school. 

The programme will include a diagnostic assessment at the end of the year to determine students' reading, comprehension and spelling abilities, and general progress.

English enrichment can happen even at a young age: students can learn in a safe and secure group setting, voice their opinions and respond convincingly and cohesively. It is with this that students can become confident readers and writers of the English language, even before Primary school.


(A) Regular Features
* 1-2 Books for Reading [online and hardcopy]
* Discussion Questions to test Reading Comprehension Abilities
* Spelling Revision (every alternate week)
* Phonics Revision (every alternate week)

(B) Lesson Components to Achieve Programme Objectives
Each lesson will include 2 of the following components
* Cloze Passages
* Verbal Presentation
* Descriptive Writing
* Comprehension
* Word Sequencing
* Picture-Word Play!
* Spelling
* Phonics

Programme Details

Duration: 1.5hrs weekly
Class Size: Maximum of 6 (plus a maximum of 2 more students on replacement)
Replacement Classes: Available on a first come, first served basis

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Parents who wish to sign up their child(ren) for the Junior Reading and Literary Programme may do so by emailing us at to indicate their interest.

You could also call us at 6455 3063 or leave us a message via this form.

Registration is accepted on a rolling basis until seats are fully taken. Kindly note that confirmation is only upon full payment of fees.

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