English Comprehension For Primary Classes

Tips on English Comprehension for Primary Classes

In the recent examination, our teachers found that students have problems sourcing for answers in the English Comprehension Open Ended component. Students tend to make the following mistakes:

* They cannot identify source for an accurate answer;
* They only give incomplete answers; or
* They source haphazardly.

In the English Comprehension Open Ended component, practice is key. Students must show that they ‘comprehend’, and therefore, understand the passage and the expectation of each question.

The following aspects are key:

Understanding the question

This can only be achieved by reading and understanding the passage well -- at least twice -- before sourcing for the answer.

Checking the mark allocation

Marks are an indicator of the length of the expected answer. For instance, if it is only a one mark question, then the answer is short and that there is probably only one point to source for.

Realising the importance of clues/sourcing

In the months leading up to the next exams, have more time trials, and post-paper analysis, do go through specimen papers. By practising the right sourcing techniques, students can discern the patterns and fine tune their answers accordingly. The importance of proper sourcing techniques should not be undermined. All the best!

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