DSA Prep Workshop

In the run up to the DSA season, 

  • We are opening timeslots for DSA workshops
  • The classes can be conducted from now till end June

These are some examples of timeslots that you can consider:

Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri

3pm or 5pm


10am, 2:15pm or 4:15pm


10am or 12pm

Contact us if you have other preferred time slots

For many students, the Direct School Admissions (DSA-Sec) offers an almost guaranteed place in their dream secondary school. This entry is based on students' talents and achievements in sports, CCAs and specific academic areas. To help students understand the nuances behind the DSA-Sec requirements, the interview process is crucial.

Know the best
interview etiquette

Learn great interview techniques to impress the committee

Explore the
interview minefield

Learn the various question types and how to answer them effectively

Present the best side
of yourself

Learn the skills to convey your ideas clearly and concisely

With this programme, we aim to empower and arm students with key interview skills to meet the requirements for DSA-Sec.

Secure a Place in Your Child's Dream School with our DSA Prep Course

Creative Campus is offering a two-day intensive DSA Prep workshop to teach students how to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively during the interview.

Conducted by our experts, students will be enlightened with time-tested techniques and the know-how to gain entry into the dream school of their choice.

Workshop Details

DSA 1-to-1

  • 2 sessions, 2 hours each
  • This is a 1-to-1 coaching session 
  • Lessons are held on mutually agreed dates

DSA with Friends

  • 2 sessions, 2 hours each
  • DSA prep with 1-2 friends. Number of students are to be capped at 3
  • Lessons are held on mutually agreed dates

Payments made 7 days or more before the first lesson

  • NETS
  • iBanking
  • PayNow
  • Cheque

Payment made 6 days or less before the first lesson 

  • NETS
  • iBanking
  • PayNow

Payment on the day of the first lesson

  • NETS only and an additional late fee surcharge of $50

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