Make 2018 a Year of Enquiry. Here are your free resources!

  • Brain Booster: Critical Thinking Resources
  • A Printable Guide for Surviving School in 2018

1. Brain Booster Ebook

Brain Booster: Critical Thinking Resources is a complimentary e-offering of thought-provoking write ups, articles and discussion questions to help students improve their critical thinking ability.

In this edition, we have carefully curated seven evergreen discussion topics and resources first published in our monthly e-newsletter - On Campus.

We are confident this compilation will help the student reader to improve analytical and evaluative skills, which are crucial and fundamental steps in preparing for the demands of secondary education and beyond.

Have a look at the table of contents to know exactly what is in your free resource e-book

Here's a sample of one of the topics in the Brain Booster: Critical Thinking Resources

2. A Printable Guide on Surviving School in 2018

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An Infographic on

  • Boosting efficiency in studies
  • Tips to study smart
  • mail-forward
    Foods that boost mental ability and alertness