Coding and Public Speaking

Get Creative With Animation And Storytelling

Creative Campus and Codestorm Academy proudly present "The Code Adventurer!"

Part 1: Animation Through Coding

Boost Your Child's Creativity And Brain Power With Coding This Holidays!

Part 2: Public Speaking Through Storytelling

How Your Child Can Communicate Their Thoughts & Opinions Intelligently

Here are some of the key benefits of public speaking:

4 Lessons Uniquely Designed to Enable Your Child To Learn With Latitude

Through Coding & Public Speaking

Lesson 1: Introduction To Programming & Scratch. Inspiring students on the future of computer science, robotics and engineering, as well as the concept of storyboard telling.

Lesson 2: English Creative Writing--Story Craft. Students will develop a story for the avatar that they design. English experts at Creative Campus will guide students to create an engaging story, using the various tools and techniques for narrative essay writing.

Lesson 3: Understanding Conditional Logic and User Input. Students learn about logical reasoning, constructing if-else statements, loops in their animation, incorporating user interactions and mouse clicks to their program to create games in Scratch.

Lesson 4: Putting it all together. Students will incorporate what they've learnt into an animation project, which will be used in the creative thinking public speaking segment.

Students will be given a video copy of their animation project, together with their presentation.

About Codestorm Trainers

Kevin Low is passionate about coding and technology, and in his line of work has learnt more than 10 different programming languages.

*  ​NUS School of Computing Graduate

*  ​Involved in several start-ups since graduation

Notable Projects Include:

*  ​MOE: create games for learning Mathematics; co-founder with Tresno

*  ​SIM and National Library: create Business Simulation games

*  ​Founder of Appisode, a business enterprise software systems for SMEs

Tresno Santoso was co-founder of a start-up with Kevin creating computer games for the Ministry of Education. By imbuing the fun in playing computer games into learning Mathematics, the program proved to be successful in teaching the curriculum to primary students across Singapore.

*  ​Masters in Quantitative Finance; computer science graduate

*  ​16 years’ experience in programming

*  ​6 years’ experience in creating trading algorithms and financial systems

*  ​Undergraduate experience on campus research in Image Recognition, Artificial Intelligence and Assisted Tautology using computer programs

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