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2. The Directors' Series: PSLE Treasure Chest

Primary 6 (2021)

When preparing for the PSLE English Exam, most students focus on acing their Paper 1 and Comprehension component. Granted, these components are substantial in terms of marks allocation. Yet, while comprehension and composition writing skills are being honed, students are trickling away precious marks in the other components of Paper 2. This leaves both students and parents extremely frustrated and even frantic.

We want to avoid any unnecessary loss of marks with our director's PSLE Treasure Chest--reaching the 95 mark in the English Paper 2 Exam.


The 2-Day programme reviews critical tools and techniques to score 100% in Paper 2's Multiple Choice Questions [Grammar and Vocabulary], Synthesis and Transformation, Grammar Cloze and Comprehension Cloze segments.

TC Class 1 focuses on Grammar, and Synthesis and Transformation [S&T].
Through an interactive but rigorous lesson, students will review--and more importantly, understand--the imperative grammar and S&T rules.

There will also be ample practice worksheets to sharpen their skills, and the aim is for students to score full marks in the Grammar MCQ, Grammar Cloze and S&T components.

Grammar rules too are crucial for the comprehension open-ended and composition writing components. So we want students to get it right, now that the PSLE is around the corner!

TC Class 2 focuses on Vocabulary and Comprehension Cloze.

Essentially, vocabulary has to be learnt, and maximising the marks for these components require practice and revision. The focus of the lesson will be on key techniques to help students derive the best answers through exposure to the frequently asked questions for both these components. 

There will be some hothousing involved, but the lesson consolidates the crucial elements and question types that students must know when they step into the exam hall, come 30 September 2021.


Treasure Chest Lesson 1: Monday 20 September 2021 (5pm - 7pm)

Treasure Chest Lesson 2: Monday 27 September 2021 (5pm - 7pm)

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All fees should be fully paid by Saturday 28 August 2021 to confirm your child's seat in the class. We encourage all parents to secure the seats early. Kindly note the following modes of payment:

Payment made more than 7 days before the first lesson


* iBanking 

* PayNow

* Cheque

Payment made 6 days or less before the first lesson


* iBanking 

* PayNow

Payment made on the day of the first lesson

* NETS only and an additional late fee surcharge of $50

Both current and new students are welcomed! Parents who wish to sign their child(ren) up for the workshop may do so by dropping us an email at chalk@creativecampus.com.sg, filling in our contact form, or calling us at 6455 3063.

Registration is accepted on a rolling basis until seats are fully taken. Kindly note that seats are only confirmed upon full payment of fees.

Need to find out more about the PSLE Treasure Chest?