Campus Orchard: Class Schedule 2024

  • Regular Classes cover all examinable components as well as critical thinking and analysis components which Creative Campus focuses heavily on.
  • Essay Writing and Oral Classes focus on Paper 1 requirements (essay, situational writing), with an emphasis on mastering oral skills and techniques.

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* Potential Classes

Junior Reading and Literacy Programme 

Level 2: Sunday, 1pm to 3pm*

Level 1: Sunday, 3pm to 5pm*

Primary 2 Regular

Monday, 5pm to 7pm*

Friday, 3pm to 5pm

Primary 1 Regular

Wednesday, 3pm to 5pm*

Sunday, 1pm to 3pm *

Primary 3 Regular

Monday, 3pm to 5pm*

Wednesday, 3pm to 5pm*

Friday, 3pm to 5pm (advanced)

Saturday, 2.15pm to 4.15pm

Primary 4 Regular

Monday, 5pm to 7pm

Thursday, 4.30pm to 6.30pm*

Friday, 3pm to 5pm

Primary 5 Regular

Monday, 3pm to 5pm*

Wednesday, 3pm to 5pm

Thursday, 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Friday, 3pm to 5pm

Primary 5/6 Regular

Saturday, 12pm to 2pm

Primary 6 Regular

Saturday, 10am to 12pm 

Primary Essay Writing & Oral Class

Primary Essay Writing & Oral Classes cover narrative writing techniques as well as expository writing skills that assist students in their oral practice

  • Level 1: Saturday, 10am to 12pm *  
  • Level 2: Wednesday, 5pm to 7pm*
  • Level 3: Wednesday, 5pm to 7pm *

Secondary 1 Regular

Friday, 7pm to 9pm*

Saturday, 4.15pm to 6.15pm*

Secondary 2 Regular

Saturday, 12pm to 2pm

Secondary 3/4 Regular

Wednesday, 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Thursday, 4pm to 6pm (O- levels) *

Friday, 7pm to 9pm

IB Programmes

ACSI Year 4 IB Saturday, 10am to 11.45am

Year 3 IB Saturday 2pm to 4pm*

ACSI Year 5 IB Saturday, 4pm to 6pm

Secondary 1/2 Regular

Wednesday, 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Secondary 3 Regular

Saturday, 12pm to 2pm

Secondary 4 IP

Saturday, 9am to 11am

General Paper

Thursday, 6pm to 8pm

Saturday, 11.45am to 2pm

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