Changes to the PSLE Syllabus

As you are aware, the Ministry of Education has announced that certain changes will be made to the English curriculum at the Primary level. In particular, revisions are to be made to the PSLE English syllabus in 2015. The first cohort affected was the Primary 3 students in 2012.

(1) At Creative Campus, we have always emphasised critical, and independent thinking; our verbal communication and creative writing components are already in line with the expected changes. This is being carried out across all levels, including Primary 1 and 2.

With the new syllabus, your child will be expected to think critically and analyse various text types. These are also the areas that we have been reinforcing in our lessons, and we will be paying more attention to them.

  • Current Affairs. On a weekly basis, students are exposed to current affairs and engage in critical analysis of real-world issues.
  • Media Studies. Students are exposed to media studies on a regular basis. This includes answering questions based on video stimuli, as well as offering their opinions on issues that arise. Even our current P1-2 students have a weekly Media Studies component, where they analyse and offer their views on various visual texts.
  • Expository Writing. We regularly inject short writing assignments pertaining to real-world subjects. These include persuasive and argumentative writing components. Past topics include students penning down their views on Corporal Punishment, Animals Rights and more. Such exposure is beneficial for the Continuous Writing component in the 2015 curriculum.
  • Literature. Our curriculum exposes all our students to literary analysis of various poems, prose and plays. They learn to identify and use literary devices such as similes, metaphors and aphorisms.
  • The Gifted Education Programme (GEP). We have been preparing students for the various GEP examination needs as a regular feature of our curriculum. This is key in ensuring that students are adequately prepared for the various pedagogical requirements, such as answering varied question types in the Comprehension Open-Ended component.

(2) Please be assured that the curriculum at Creative Campus will prepare your child for the national examination.

We have been nimble in ensuring that our curriculum is innovative, yet relevant, so as to engage and challenge our students verbally, as well as in their written work. We will constantly update our curriculum not only to meet your child’s examination needs, but also to ensure that there is an adequate stretch to engage and challenge your child with various text types and tasks.

The Directors
Creative Campus: Learning with Latitude