Enjoy Gordan's piece on being a dinosaur written when he was 7 years old

When I woke up in the morning, I realised I had turned into a vicious meat-eating dinosaur. I looked like a small bird-like Theropod. I had very long legs with specialised talons. I had very large eyes to help me focus better. I had one of the largest reptilian brains, making me the most intelligent dinosaur. 

I felt like eating mice and leaves. I was a good hunter because my reactions were so fast that it was as if I saw everything in slow motion. I even killed an Edmontosaurus

Gordon Chan

at age 7

English Enrichment For Graduating K2 Students

2019 Registration is Now Open

Mishap at the Mall by Joy Tay, P1 Primer

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An Art Competition by Laurel Yap, P2

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Creative Campus: Learning with Latitude

Creative Campus Provides English Enrichment Classes For K2, Primary, Secondary and GP Levels

Learning should be a Joy

Children should always be inculcated with self-belief, and pride in execution and quality of work. That is why Creative Campus was founded: as an oasis where youths are inspired and empowered to learn with latitude.

Expertise of a Dedicated Team of Experienced Teachers

Students are inspired and empowered to learn with latitude. Through the expertise of a dedicated and experienced team of teachers, we bring passion for teaching and extensive knowledge of the English Language to our students.

English Enrichment For Graduating K2 Students

2019 Registration is Now Open

Key emphasis on Critical Thinking Skills and English as a Life Skill

While we focus on the various school components, we equip students with English competencies beyond school exam needs.

Small Classes with a Healthy Teacher-Student Ratio

This ensures personalised feedback and guidance from their teacher. Each child’s strengths and weaknesses are addressed personally and no child is a faceless digit

Rigorous and Engaging Curriculum Developed In-House

Through the expertise of the directors who have each written and supervised English curriculum across all academic levels, and headed the English curriculum department at The Learning Lab since its inception till their departure in 2011

"Yes, it's important to prepare for exams, but more crucial is the need to be nimble and adapt deftly to a dynamic world."

Geraldine Chew //
Founding Director of Creative Campus
Director of Programmes [Upper Primary, Secondary and General Paper]
Chief Executive Officer
Director of Teacher Instruction

"Language competency and the ability to apply theory to practice is a life skill, something that students will constantly find relevant, even long after their last class at Creative Campus."

Mrs Elizabeth Yeo // 
Founding Director of Creative Campus
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Director of Programme [Primary Levels]

Call our main line for information on our Primary classes. We are also launching our K2 workshops [Primary 1 Primer] very soon; call us if you’d like to receive updates!

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