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Before You Chuck Us Into Your Spam Folder

Before You Chuck Us Into Your Spam Folder

We at Creative Campus produce a monthly newsletter called OnCampus. We know just hearing the word newsletter makes your fingers itch to click on the nearest unsubscribe button, but give us a chance to explain.

Why did we start writing OnCampus?

1. We noticed that parents were only getting piece-meal information about the latest happenings at Creative Campus. OnCampus allows us to consolidate news and send it out to parents on a regular basis. These monthly updates could be about new or seasonal English Enrichment programmes, holiday dates or anything else that is relevant to students and their parents.

2. Noting that parents may wish to help their kids learn at home, we decided to offer tools for this very purpose through OnCampus. This is done in the following ways:

a) OnCampus includes a section for English Tips. Conveyed in an accessible way, these tips can help kids, or even parents, improve their English language writing skills. For example, last year, we did a series on Creative Writing techniques which covered everything from the opening hook to tying up loose ends. Our tips will also cover general rules and other essay forms.

b) For slightly older children (mid-primary and above), parents can look to our featured news story and accompanying critical thinking questions. To prepare your child for the demands of the current O Level and General Paper syllabi, it is important that your child pay attention to current affairs. The set of questions curated by us may be used as a guide for discussing issues relevant to the news story.