Acing O-Level English

Acing O-Level English
Secondary 4 (2020)

Creative Campus is proud to introduce an intensive programme for both current and new students taking the GCE O Levels. This September school holidays, we are happy to present a 2-Day intensive course specially tailored for the O-Level cohort, which will highlight all the requisite tips and techniques that students must know as we lead up to the O-Levels. This is akin to a ‘crash course’ to that English A.

Conducted by our founding director Ms Geraldine Chew, who has been coaching students for the O Levels for over 22 years. She brings with her time-tested techniques and know-how required to ace the O-Level English Papers. With this programme, we aim to empower and arm students with key skills to meet the requirements for that English A.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to minimise social mingling among students. As such, this course will be conducted online.

Day 1: Acing O-Level English Paper 1
Tuesday 8 September 2020, 1.30pm to 4pm [2.5 hours]

  • Students will address various essay question types and learn to generate content to meet the requirements of each question type.
  • The course will introduce essential strategies to crafting content that reap top marks and highlight the pitfalls that cause students to lose precious language marks.
  • Given the time constraints and expectations of the O-Level English paper, we will also arm students with time-management and exam-focussed tips.
  • Students will complete a Situational Writing exercise and an Essay during the lesson.

Day 2: Acing O-Level English Paper 2
Wednesday 9 September 2020, 1.30pm to 4pm [2.5 hours]

  • Students will complete core components in Paper 2, namely, Web-based Stimulus, Comprehension and Summary Writing.
  • Students will also visit the Editing exercise from Paper 1 and learn how to obtain the full 10 marks.
  • The course will introduce essential techniques and strategies to reap top marks, given the time constraints and expectations of the O-Level English paper.
  • We will arm students with the tips, rules and know-how required in their final dash toward the O-Level finishing line.

Mode of Payment
Fees should be paid by Saturday 22 August 2020 to confirm your child's seat in the class. We encourage all parents to secure the seats early. All fees must be received before the start of the class. Hence, kindly note the following modes of payment:

Payments made 7 days or more before the first lesson

  • NETS
  • iBanking
  • PayNow
  • Cheque

Payment made 6 days or less before the first lesson 

  • NETS
  • iBanking
  • PayNow

Payment on the day of the first lesson

  • NETS only and an additional late fee surcharge of $50

Both current and new students are welcomed! Parents who wish to sign their child(ren) up for the workshop may do so by dropping us an email at, filling in our contact form, or calling us at 6455 3063.

Registration is accepted on a rolling basis until seats are fully taken. Kindly note that seats are only confirmed upon full payment of fees. Payment must reach us before Saturday  22 August 2020 to confirm your child's seat in the class. Otherwise, the seat will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

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"Language competency and the ability to apply theory to practice is a life skill, something that students will constantly find relevant, even long after their last class at Creative Campus."

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