English Enrichment Experts Across

Kinder, Primary, Secondary and Pre-University

Creative Campus offers a nurturing and motivating environment where youths are inspired and empowered to learn with latitude through engaging English Enrichment programmes. Our academic powerhouse of dedicated and experienced teachers bring their passion and extensive knowledge of the English language to our students. Coupled with our rigorously developed curriculum, dynamic lesson-delivery, and ability to establish strong rapport with each student, Creative Campus is an academic fount in English instruction.

We pride ourselves in fostering in our students the twin goals of excelling in school and cultivating the love for English as an essential life skill. Creative Campus started in 2012 with its pioneering batch of 30 students in the first month. Many of our students remain in Creative Campus for at least 5 years. Our graduating cohorts have gone on to pursue their university education in top-tier colleges and universities, both locally and abroad, while our ex-students have secured careers that they are passionate about.

4 Key Tenets to Acing GP

* Personalised Feedback
* Stimulating Discussions
* Wide Scope of Topics
* Focused Time-trials

Learn more about our GP classes from our ex-student, Chua Su Ann



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